Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We will not allow their hypocrisy to prevail.

I’d like to bring to your attention a quote taken directly from the election literature released by our MP Vera Baird, at the time of the local elections this year and a quote from a press release issued just after the Coatham planning meeting

“Sand and floods threaten a botched Coatham development. No cash for visitor centre; none for extreme sports, just hundreds of houses and Redcar Bowl demolished; we will take it back to being a leisure led scheme.”

"Added Redcar MP Vera Baird “The fact is the Coalition has forced through this planning decision when they know that the cash simply isn’t available for key elements such as the visitor centre and sports facilities and that means just hundreds of houses and Redcar Bowl demolished".

In these statement that she made in this election literature and press release, she condemns the old Lib/Dem/Tory/E.C Independent coalition for pushing ahead with a botched scheme, threatened by sand and floods, (surprising she dosen’t mention contaminants and uxo and now gas), that has no funding for the leisure that has been promised and that will see just hundreds of houses being built and our Bowl and Leisure centre, being demolished.She quite clearly says that the cash just simply isn't available for key elements such as the visitor centre and sports centre.

Yet funnily enough, the botched scheme that she condemns is being pushed ahead with by the LABOUR council, despite being botched and having no funding and despite being threatened by the sand and flooding over in Coatham. But what I find most hypocritical of all is that, she uses the demolition of the Coatham Bowl in both the election literature and press release, as something to try and outrage people into voting Labour, making out that the demolition of the Bowl is something that will only happen under the old coalition, when in reality, the Labour group had the same agenda as the old coalition all along, because they are now trying to demolish it next March!

It is absolutely disgraceful that they are trying to push the people of this town into a fate acomplis situation now. They know that this scheme is dead in the water, but rather than admit that and take it back to the beginning and start again, they are trying to knock down our last leisure amenity in the town, that will not be replaced for at least three years, in order to force people into accepting the Persimmon plan that she describes as botched and the Labour group leader described as tainted! They want to say “Well… now the Bowl and Leisure centre has gone, we’ll just have to go along with it regardless because we have no choice now”, and they are doing this because for whatever reason, they want those houses built as much as the last coalition and Colin Moore. I am telling these people right here and now, you can try and knock our Bowl down, you may succeed, but we will see our three court proceedings right through to the end and we will stop you legally from building those houses on our coastline. And then you will all be responsible for knocking down our last leisure amenity and one of the last visitor attractions when there is absolutely no need and you will have to answer the people of this town and borough in next years elections.

To the people of Redcar and Cleveland I will say this, I and our group, will make sure tha t we do all we can to save this amenity from demolition because there is absolutely no need to knock it down.The court cases we have going against Persimmon and this councils housing scheme in Coatham means that their housing scheme looks dead. They have no money for any leisure, Persimmon aren’t providing any leisure in this development, there are no plans to replace our Bowl and Leisure centre for at least three years, so why should we go without what we have got now because they are trying to force us into having the houses, that because of our court cases and the things that they have to do in order to just make the area safe to build on, look very unlikely to be built?

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