Monday, September 17, 2007

Once again, what did I tell ya' ?

Have a look at the link below. See how it clearly states in the story taken from the Gazettes website that the Bowl will be demolished in March next year, as we told you a week or so ago. See how it clearly states that there will be no new nursery until phase two of the development as we have been telling you for a few months now, because the 'leisure' and the nursery have all been moved back to phase two of the scheme.

How can they justify knocking the Coatham Bowl down when there is going to be nothing to replace it with until the second phase of the development which isnt due to begin until at least June 2009 meaning that we will be without any leisure facility of any kind for over three years?

It's an absolute disgrace that Persimmon are forcing the councils hand to knock down our last leisure amenity in this town and a concert venue that the councils own consultants listed as one of the only three visitor attractions left in Redcar!

Theyre doing this as it says in the article in URGENCY. This is because they know we have three legal challenges against what they are doing. They know that they are well and truly up against it and so like with the fencing, Persimmon are trying to desperately trying to force the councils hand so that we have no option other than to go with their housing scheme that sees them have no obligation to provide any leisure and which will leave us with no leisure at all because the council dont have any funding to pay for any.

Also, look at this link. Once again, the council are just letting Persimmon do as they please in our town.

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