Friday, September 14, 2007

South Tyneside? It sounds just like us!

Have a look at this blog site from South Tyneside, who's link I have posted below. This is the authority that our new chief executive is coming from.
Can you believe she is jumping ship there, along with other senior officers who are all leaving in rapid succession, a so called 'four star' authority and coming here where senior officers are also jumping ship in numbers and leaving our 'four star' authority in rapid succession too, to be our new chief executive.
Not only that, can you believe that they have a MULTI MILLION POUND HOLE IN THEIR BUDGET AS WE DO! Go to this link and see for yourself. Click on the photograph and you will see this sentence about our new chief executive that Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council are 'delighted' to have according to their press release...

"Ms Skelton was also involved in the Trow Quarry controversy, where her responsibilities as executive director were called into account by a scrutiny commissions investigation".

You can understand now why Colin Moore was so eager to have a 'confidential discussion' as was advertised in the paper, with the candidates for his job. How can a person who has such a record be brought into our council so eagerly and so quickly from a council where officers are also leaving in their droves, a sign that all is not well and where they too, have a black hole of millions of pounds in their budget that no-one can account for, to be our chief executive?

You just couldn't make this up.

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