Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why are the Police acting over a civil matter?

Two and a half weeks ago,detectives visited my home wanting me to go into the police station to give a statement to them on tape regarding a posting on my blog regarding the former deputy leader of the council Dave Fitzpatrick,and the documents I posted on my blog that showed that he had been caught on CCTV footage swinging a chain around in a threatening manner outside his pub,after a young man had been assaulted in his pub just minutes before. I later discovered that the letter and video and statements had been sent from the assaulted young mans parents.After I had posted the contents of the letter written by his mum and subsequently the letter itself along with the front covers of the statements to prove I was in possesion of the information,THREE DETECTIVES visited the young mans parents wanting to know how I came by the information,documents and CCTV footage? They told them if they had given me the documents and information then the police couldnt do a thing because they were the young mans parents and they could do with it what they liked. However,they said if the documents and CCTV footage had come from a third party,then I could be prosecuted under the child protection act because the young man was 17 when he was assaulted,even though he was 18 when it went to court. The young mans parents,because of the shameful way that the police brought no charges against Cllr Fitzpatrick because the police told them "it wasnt in the best interests of the public",told them nothing.That was four or five months ago.The young mans parents phoned me straight away and told me and Ive heard nothing since.Until two and a half weeks ago when the police card was put through my door. I went to the station a week and a half ago.My solicitor told me that she thought itwas "absolutely bizarre".She said she hadnt even heard of section 127 of the communications act,the section thatthey said I had broken.However,what was most sinister of all was that the police have spent SIX MONTHS trying to find any offence fit what I had done in posting the truth on my blogsite.Not onlythat,the solicitor and the investigative journalist who got in touch with me,couldnt believe that the police were actually representing Cllr Fitzpatrick over what was basically a civil matter as no law had been broken. I had not lied,I had not printed the CCTV footage incase I broke copyright,I simply gave an honest appraisal of what the young mans mums letter contained and what I had seen in the CCTV footage and then scanned,four days later,the letter and front covers of the statements with the names blacked out to prove that I had infact received the documents and info that I said I had and then given my opinion. I did not threaten or do it on a persistent basis,as the police are now saying that I did do it persistently.I made two postings in January and there have been no more.When I went for the interview on tape,I told the police that I thought they were a shocking disgrace.They were going to these lengths spending six months trying to get an offence to fit something that I had done when I havent broken the law or done anything criminal.I told them it was a disgrace because when Fitzpatrick along with Abbott started their untrue smear campaign that I was a member of the BNP,I went to the police and they told me it was a civil matter and couldnt do a thing! Similarly,when I had hate mail sent to me that the police told us they knew came from the council,when I had death threats an property damaged and text messages sent thatwere just disgusting,THEY DID NOTHING. Yet just because I print facts about a councillor on my blog they stalk me for six months at great expense to the public trying to make an offence fit where no offence has been committed? I told them,as my solicitor had told me,that they were trying to stifle my free speech and intimidate me.I told them that they wouldnt. When the police act so vigourously and thoroughly for six months to represent a councillor over a civil matter,to the point they desperately try to make up an offence to fit something that isnt even a crime then what exactly is going on? I hope they take me to court.All the documents and information I posted had been produced already in a public court anyway,so I cant wait to have my say.Because I know,my solicitor knows,the police know,that Ive done nothing wrong but tell the truth and state my opinion. They are pissed off because they dont like my opinion and the fact the truth has been told in public on my blog.

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