Saturday, September 15, 2007

This is looking worse than we first thought...

As if being investigated for her part in covering up the prescence of contaminants wasn't bad enough, our new Chief executives current department at South Tyneside council has been well criticised in the Audit Commission report letter, August 2007. In this report letter, it states that there has been a lack of vision regarding the current/future regeneration plans amongst other things. If you dont believe me read the link from the Audit commissions report from about paragraph 90 onwards.

I cannot believe that with the things that have come to light in less than 18 hours about our new chief executive to be, and with the proof about the department she is running clearly being in a mess, that George Dunning, Colin Moore and others could deem this woman to be suitable for the post of Chief Executive and have an "excellent track record?" when clearly she isnt suitable and hasn't got an excellent track record?

Mind you, that having been said, George Dunning and co. have already done the same thing before. Nine or ten years ago when they employed Colin Moore.

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