Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"I've got no strings to hold me up"

Three weeks ago the administrator of tried to provoke me for no apparant reason on the site and called me a liar. I did not rise to it. However on the same day, even though I did not rise to his provocation, he still barred me off the site because he told me that I had called three councillors hypocrites. I thought this was funny as the comments I had made had been on the board for some time and the Administrator had taken no action then whatsoever? So why the sudden need for retrospective action? What I think is interesting to note here is that I was barred off the site the day AFTER we revealed that there is no 106 agreement in place between the council and Persimmon tying Persimmon to providing any leisure in the Coatham scheme at all.

Last week without warning, he removed from,the main Coatham Enclosure topic which was packed with information about this subject.He has also removed other topics about Coatham and topics that havr talked about the reasons why he had removed them. He has apparantly taken off other members of the board who have questioned his move and has also removed peoples postings. When I asked him why he had removed it he told me that is was and I quote "full of tedious, negative shit". Strange? I always thought that we had freedom of speech in this country? Or in this case are we only allowed to talk about the issues that this man deems positive enough to talk about?

Coatham is now a taboo subject on, with even the moderator of the site last night stating, and I quote
"I thought about risking the wrath of admin in starting a new Coatham thread ( Smiley face inserted) but this fits here anyway".
The moderator was posting a link to the the councils press release that showed that they were now going to start doing site investigations in Coatham for the prescence of gas.

Now forgive me for being a tad suspicious here but dont you think thats its a bit odd that 1.three weeks ago one of the main opponents of the Coatham Scheme is barred off for no real reason the day after we reveal that no 106 agreement exists between the council and Persimmon.

2.last week the main, information packed, topic on about Coatham should be removed for no other reason than the administrator thought it was full of "tedious negative shit" and since then people havent been allowed to discuss it without feeling like if they do they will incur his wrath.

3.And now this week, only yesterday, the council put out a press release stating that they are now testing the area for the prescence of gas beneath the site, something that is massive because it should have been done years ago BEFORE any planning application was submitted let alone passed and people have no forum to discuss it, because the Administrator has forbidden even the mention of the subject, for no other reason than he dosen't like it because he thinks it's tedious and negative?

I'd say that somebody in the council is pulling his strings in order to stifle people even talking about this latest massive development, wouldnt you?

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