Saturday, September 15, 2007

You learn something everyday.

After finding the link below to the blog site in South Tyneside, I have managed to speak with the man who runs it. Speaking with him has been very informative. He told me that the £4,000,000 black hole that South Tyneside had in their budget, was more like £11,000,000, sounding more and more like us all the time!

He told me that the council had known about the contaminants and the levels of contaminants at the Trow Quarry site for a year and a half but had said absolutely nothing to anyone. This has to be deja vous? Because our council did the same. Only they had said nothing for far longer. Mind you, it would seem both authorities have tried to do their best to play down the levels of contamination and risk now that the public in both areas have been made aware of the facts.

On Amanda Skelton our Chief Executive to be, he told me that he was surprised that she had been given the job as a Chief Executive because she has no legal background which most Chief executives tend to have. He told me that she hasn't managed a large department and that her background is social services or environmental health etc. That's a great track record for being our chief executive eh? Never mind being investigated for her part in covering up the prescence of contaminants in an area of land that people use all the time.

He told me that up in South Tyneside, the council allowed houses to be built on top of an area that had gas beneath the surface and that gas is springing up all over in this area. He told me that they monitor the gas in the leisure centre because its coming through there.

This is when a penny sort of dropped. We were informed by a source at the leisure centre a couple of weeks ago, that people who are tendering for the job of demolishing the Coatham Bowl early next year, have already been round the Coatham Bowl and leisure centre. We were told by the same source, that they have been sent by Persimmon homes. Structurally the Coatham Bowl has to be sound.If it wasn't then people would not still be allowed to use it now.
Part of the testing for gas on the Coatham site that was announced on Tuesday, is being done around the Coatham Bowl and Leisure centre and Childrens nursery.

Could it be that the council/Persimmon are looking for a justifiable excuse to demolish the bowl/Leisure centre? Because as it stands now, they dont really have one especially when they have no money to replace it with anything and especially when anything it is replaced with, wont be being built until at least June 2009!

We have now opened lines of communication with the people in South Tyneside and are joining to together to ensure that the truth is known, as there are just too many coincidences between our council and the things that are going on here and the council in south Tyneside and the things that are going on there.

Dosen't it strike you as odd that an officer has been employed as our chief executive when she hasnt apparantly got the experience for the job, when at just 46, this is her fifth different council, when she has already been investigated for her part in a cover up and when she is coming from an authority where they are, and have been experiencing, exactly the same kind of deceit, underhandedness, bullying of normal employees, a multi million pound hole in their budget and officers all leaving en masse, as we are up here in Redcar and Cleveland?

It will be interesting to see what happens?

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