Wednesday, September 12, 2007

UXO People back on the site.

Today, just a day after the council placed its press release on their website informing people that tests were going to be carried out to locate and monitor gas beneath the land in Coatham, UXO men have been seen on the beach, Majuba Rd car park, common and surrounding area. This must be in preparation for the tests or investigations that are about to take place. It makes me sick to the stomach that certain people within the council and Persimmon did all they could to deny the existence of landmines in that area AFTER we had made it public that they were there last August. It makes me sick to the stomach that these people put out glossy leaflets saying that we were scaremongering and lying and this and that and yet here they are, once again, with UXO men on site as these tests are about to take place.

If there was no threat,if we had been scaremongering, if we had been lying, then why are the UXO men in attendance?

God forbid anyone is hurt as these tests begin. Shame on them all for trying to divert the publics attention from the truth in the first place.

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