Friday, September 14, 2007

Is this just a coincidence?

The link below is to a BBC site. Is it just coincidence that on Tuesday this week the council announced that it was carrying out 'investigations' to locate and monitor gas beneath the Coatham Enclosure and then just today, they announce the arrival of a new Chief executive who just so happened to be involved in a controversy concerning the covering up of the truth about an area of land in South Tyneside where contaminants and gas were known to be, that just so happen to be the same as those that have been found in Coatham?

Now look at this link. See how the council in South Tyneside tried to hide the truth about the true state of the trow quarry site. This is what our soon new chief executive to be, was involved in.
This is what resulted in her having her responsibilities as executive director called into account by a scrutiny commissions investigation.Think of how our council has tried to hide and deny the truth about the land in Coatham with the issue of contaminants and land mines. Why was this person given the job as our Chief Executive when she has such a history? Why did the leader of our council George Dunning proclaim in the councils press release, that she has an "excellent track record" when she has been investigated for being party to covering up the truth about the contaminants and gas that are present at Trow Quarry?

See how employees there have been bullied by the authority because they have had the courage to speak out, is this not reminiscant of the Pauline Scanlon case where she too blew the whistle and then was treated terribly by this council and dismissed?

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