Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And another one bites the dust...

Well it looks as though the project manager in charge of the Coatham Enclosure is going.Yes...advertised in the Evening Gazette in the sits vacant close to the advertisement for the chief executives post is the position of Regeneration project manager which I believe is none other than Mr Ian Hopley.Project manager for the Coatham Enclosure Scheme going before the project is complete? Another well paid council officer leaving our excellent four star rated authority?
Why should he do something like that? What ever is he doing that for?

Could it be that the cats out of the bag and we all know theres no funding for the leisure side of the scheme? Could it be the three court cases coming up regarding Coatham,One of which regarding the planning committees TAINTED,to quote the leader of the council George Dunning,planning decision? Or Could it be something to do with a TWELVE MILLION POUND DEFECIT IN THE COUNCILS BUDGET having something to do with money being spent on Coatham in ways that it shouldnt have been trying to prop this doomed scheme up?

Whatever the reason,he is another council officer directly linked to the Coatham scheme to have left within a short time of each other.

Joan Rees,Peter Ellis,Bob Barnes,Nick Matthews,Colin Moore and now I believe Ian Hopley.Why should so many officers all suddenly want to retire or move on or claim ill health?

Once again.You draw your own conclusions.The facts are there though.What I find incredible is that in the ads for the job of project manager and Chief Exec,in both cases the candidates are invited for a 'confidential discussion' with the person that is leaving.Never has the person leaving ever had anything to do with the taking on of their successor,why should this be happening here?

Why is the council and the new leader of the council allowing this?

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