Thursday, July 26, 2007

Its like Flogging a dead horse

When you think about it,the Jimmy Willis case going up to the High court in Newcastle is another massive blow for the council and their botched and tainted,to qoute the Labour MP and the Labour leader of the council,scheme in Coatham.

No funding for any leisure.struggling to borrow the money that they were going to so that they could prop the scheme up because of a £12,000,000 hole in their budget.

Leisure facilities now not a part of phase one but phase two, which isnt due to commence until June 2009.

A new village green application going in that, now that the law that they took advantage of in 2003 has changed and the signs which defeated us at the first village green inquiry no longer mean a thing,could see Coatham Common being registered as a village green.

They have also been notified of our intent to take them to Judicial review over the defective Coatham Planning meeting which the Labour leader of the council himself has described as tainted.He also stated that it would come back to haunt the council...he must be clairvoyant because it's going to!

And if that wasnt bad enough for them they are trying every which way they can to get out of building a sea defence in Coatham BEFORE the houses are built on a recognised flood plain at a time when half of the country is submerged in water because of servere floods!

With all these things going against our 'excellent four star authority',can anyone possibly explain why they are still trying to make people believe that everythings going according to plan?
Can anyone possibly explain why they are still flogging the tired,worn out,laughable council spin that this superb scheme is going to regenerate the town and make us a visitors destination of regional importance,when it wont because all it has ever been is a coastal housing estate?
Can anyone possibly explain why,when its practically dead and finished,are this bunch of cowboys that are running our council,throwing public money at something that isnt going to happen and that should have been scrapped some time ago?

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