Friday, July 27, 2007

The Local Strategic Partnership.

It has just come to my attention today, through the efforts of others, about the existence of something that is known as the LSP (The Local Strategic Partnership).This body is a part of the council,it has its own constitution,it handles funding and is totally unaccountable to anyone in the council.Indeed,as it shows in the information that I have seen today,EX-cabinet member Eric Empson stated that "In short,no they dont report back to the council".He goes onto say that basically, if they want to then members of the LSP can report back to the council,but when handling funding,shouldnt reporting back to the council be enforced?

Its more or less like a council within a council.An exclusive club that is making decisions but saying nothing to anyone.

This is this councils idea of being open,transparent and accountable and once more it is an absolute disgrace.Bearing in mind that the officers of the council,in particular the Chief Executive are responsible for a TWELVE MILLION POUND HOLE IN THE COUNCILS BUDGET, just what is their role in this LSP? What part have they played or playing? If anything was ever open to corruption then an unaccountable body within the council, with its own constitution and no obligation to say anything to anyone surely is.

When you see this kind of thing going on,bodies within the council with their own constitution,accountable to no-one,you can understand perfectly why the Chief Executive Colin Moore,didnt even get a slapped wrist publicly for being in charge of a council that just cant seem to account for a twelve million pound defecit.

How much more has to come to light before this council, and its activities, are investigated?

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