Friday, July 27, 2007

An appeal to all council employees

For three years now,the normal everyday employees of the council and in some cases people who are higher up the ladder,have been coming forward and offering information to me and our group so that the truth about just what exactly is going on within our council can be made public.
It would be practically impossible for anyone to read this blog site from start to finsh and not reach the conclusion that something is most definately wrong at the highest level of our council.

All of the postings on this site can be backed up with documents and witnesses.I have done this both on this site and on for three years now thanks to the information given to us by those in the council who like us,are sick to the back teeth of the abuses that are being carried out within our council and the contempt that is being shown almost on a daily basis now, by those in charge at the council, for the general public.It has to stop.It has to be cleared out once and for all.

If anyone looks at the last few postings about the £12,000,000 hole in the councils budget,not only can you see how we are not a four star authority,not only can you see that there is there something massively wrong that needs a full independent investigation,surely you can see that rather than initiate that investigation the powers that be are trying desperately to cover everything up and put on a solid front so as to make out that everything is ok when everyone knows that it isnt.

I am once again appealing to all of the honest,decent hardworking employees of our council.If you have any information that you can offer that will lead to the investigation of this present regime,then I urge you to come forward and give that information.Someone at the top of this organisation must have solid proof of the things that everyone suspects.Please come forward and offer that information,your anonymity will be assured.

At the end of the day, I will understand if I dont get any responses.But to the people I have aimed this plea at,I ask that you search your hearts and see how important all of this is.I am 42 now and I have a 14 year old daughter.I want what is best for her in every way and that includes her having a truthful,decent,transparent system of both local and national Government that will govern her and her generation and not rule or bully lie or oppress.

Look at the postings on this site.See that thats exactly how this council have been behaving.No transparency,no democracy,no truth.For the sake of our children who will one day inherit the sysytem that we leave behind for them,I say to all of those within the council who know the truth and know how truly rotten it is,to come forward and help cut this cancer out once and for all.

Its up to you.

You can contact me (beefeater) via u2u on your details and I will contact you.

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