Friday, July 20, 2007

Dont say we didnt warn ya' !!!

Its been a while since I have posted, but Ive been so busy.However,the truth about the council having a twelve to fifteen million pound black hole in their budget hitting the front pages of the Gazette today, has spurred me on to post.

The administrator of removed me for speaking of the shitty tricks that this council has played on me and other people in our campaign.He then removed Rachel yesterday for presumably telling the truth about Colin Moore,he even removed her posting.To be honest,I cant blame him as he has been threatened by Colin Moore as I have.However,all the things that she said were the truth.The truth hurts people like Colin Moore.He dosent like the fact he was in charge of a council that was found guilty of maladministration TWICE in a year, coming to light.He dosent like the fact that he was found by two tribunals to be deliberately not telling the truth,to be changing his evidence overnight and being found guilty of sharp practise to the point of abusing certain processes,coming to light.He dosent like the fact that he was pushing the Coatham enclosure scheme from the head of the council whilst his wife Veronica,was pushing certain aspects of the Coatham enclosure scheme from within the primary care trust as a non executive board member,coming to light.He dosent like people knowing that a few weeks after we made this fact public,she for some reason,resigned her position.

He dosent want people to know how he has bullied ordinary council staff and intimidated,smeared and lied about members of the public.And he didnt want people to know that this council is in absolute financial mess.He has sat at the top of this council watching it go further and further down the pan financially.yet has done nothing to try and stop it.Infact knowing the financial mess that we are in,he has authorised public money to be spent on things that it should never have been spent on,probably most notably is spending public money to aide private interests by paying the consultancy and legal fees of Persimmon homes,one of the biggest and richest builders in the country.He crows about our council being a 'four star authority',yet he has watched it go further and further down into the mire and done nothing and said nothing to try and stop it.No wonder this little tin pot dictator put his house on the market and announced his 'retirement' recently.He isnt the first.He is just one in a long line of senior council officers who have all jumped the sinking,stinking, ship.Joan Rees,Peter Ellis,Bob Barnes,the assistant chief executive Nick Matthews who is currently suspended,all gone.The senior people in this council all gone.How convenient.Its not as much retiring as it is a get away.

This council has no money at all.It has been in this desperate financial position for sometime.It pushed through the Coatham Enclosure scheme promising this leisure facility and that leisure facility when all along because of the scale of the financial mess that they are in,they have known that they wouldnt be able to deliver any leisure facilities at all.No wonder that the first phase of the development which was due to be the pool and leisure centre and 102 houses,has suddenly become 'doing the boating lake up a bit' and 102 houses!!! You cant believe it can ya'? On March 16th in the Gazette they even denied that the regeneration of the boating lake was even part of the scheme! Now we learn in the ''people,pride and passion'' rag that suddenly the tarting up of the boating lake is phase one! Along with 102 houses dont forget.
Suddenly the wonderful leisure centre and pool are now in phase two which isnt due to begin till JUNE 2009!!! Theyve known all along that the only thing that would ever materialise are the houses.The council were that desperate for money to help deliver their/Persimmons' un-deliverable plans for Coatham, they were going to borrow £8,000,000 to help deliver it.Now, when they have admitted after heaven knows how long of knowing, a twelve to fifteen milion pound black hole in their budget,how can they possibly borrow anything?

Why have they used such vast amounts of our money trying to keep Persimmon homes interested? Why have they pushed the scheme in Coatham and lied about the leisure facilities that we were supposed to get when they have known for so long that they werent going to deliver anything? Why did the Labour group call the planning decision for Coatham 'tainted' in their press release that never made the papers,and the MP call the scheme botched, only to then push it as eagerly as the last coalition when they knew that the funding for the leisure side of the scheme isnt,nor ever will be there? If they thought the decision was tainted and the scheme was botched before the election, why have they not had it investigated now that they are in power?

The whole lot stinks.From lies about leisure in Coatham to a chief executive abusing his position.From a tainted planning decision to this council being found guilty of maladministration TWICE in a year.From deceit,secrecy and stealth to a TWELVE TO FIFTEEN MILLION POUND BLACK HOLE IN THEIR BUDGET.How much more do the people of this borough have to suffer this at best incompetence and at worst downright CORRUPTION.

They have all abused every facet of their positions,yet all along they have awarded themselves payrise after payrise,paid jolly after paid jolly.How can that be right? Our local authority is sinking into a stinking pit of sleaze and corruption.They pay a top London Barrister £12,500 for 25 minutes to defeat in court,we the people of the town, who are fighting to save our town and the home that we love,yet they say they cannot find £12,000 to honour the memory of Mo Mowlam?
They pay hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money trying to keep Persimmon homes' interest in Coatham when they are the biggest and richest builder in the country,yet they have a deficit of twelve million pounds that will mean massive hikes in our council tax? They have such a huge deficit in their budget, yet they are paying thousands and thousands of pounds of public money not only errecting fences around the land in Coatham just to give themselves and Persimmon homes some slender legal challenge against our 2nd Village green application now that the law has changed,but also thousands and thousands of pounds of public money patrolling and watching,24 hours a day,the same fenced off 18 acres of open green land.


They arent representing us.They are representing themselves and their own selfish ends and looking after the interests of a developer like Persimmon homes.Ask yourselves why,when the financial situation is such in our council,is so much public money being spent trying to keep the interest of a massive private company like Persimmon? Why did Persimmon,who are a leading house builder answer in 2002 the councils brief for Coatham when it was a leisure brief? Why did this council ignore a total leisure plan for Coatham,from a leisure developer, that had no reccomendations for any housing,to go instead with a massive housing developers plans for a massive housing estate to be built on our coastline that has never,nor will never,deliver the leisure facilities that they havebeen deceiving the people of Redcar into thinking they are going to get?

Our high street is an embarrassing,kebab shop,pound shop,charity shop and boarded up shop,filled disgrace. It makes my heart feel so heavy with sadness to see it in such a mess.It makes me so angry though when you hear the people who have orchestrated this mess,who have been in charge of it all,then try and con the people of this town into thinking that firstly, building the houses in Coatham will solve all our towns problems and then secondly try and con them into thinking that we will get all these leisure facilities that we are desperate for,when they know that they have already turned down a total leisure scheme from a leisure developer who delivers leisure facilities and resorts in 35 different countries around the world and when they know that they havent got any money to deliver the 'token' leisure facilities that are part of the Persimmon housing estate.

We deserve better than this.That is why we are taking this council to the high court over the tainted,defective planning decision that was reached by a biased,loaded planning committee when the scheme for Coatham was pushed forward before the planning committee in April.That is why we are going all the way to the high court if need be to fight our second village green application.I urge every last person who cares about this town to support us in this fight.We have to stick together to let these few incompetent,corrupt individuals who have been abusing our money and their positions of power know, that their days of just getting away with what they want are over.

The funniest thing is that according to a source,our wonderfully 'four star' 'whiter than white' chief executive actually asked the cabinet recently to be relieved of his daily duties at the council until he leaves in December,so that he can focus all his efforts on sorting this situation out.One wonders exactly what that entails dont you?

Ive also spoken with a local builder who informed me that whilst the council paid approximately £1,300,000 to privately adopt 19 dirt tracks in the borough,FIVE of them were around ex-cabinet member Steve Kays house in the tiny hamlet of Moorsholm,the real cost was in the region of £200,000! Hence the investigation into the private road adoption scheme as reported in the Evening Gazette a couple of weeks ago.

Its late now and Im signing off.For three years Ive been telling the people of this borough the truth about what is going on within the council.I have been supplied with information from very reliable council sources for the best part of three years now and have provided documents and evidence in every instance.Those in power have tried to discredit me,smear me,threaten me,bully and intimidate me.They have sent me hate mail according to Cleveland Police,and I believe,even issued death threats to me,via another person, over the telephone.This happened on the day that their exhibition started in 2005.They have done everything they can to marginalise me and make people turn away from the truths that i am given and make public.I remember when I made it public the Liberata and the council were parting company.Colin Moore actually phoned me up to tell me how wrong I was and how I didnt understand this and that.

What of the Liberata/council relationship now? ENDED. I have posted on this blog for nearly a year and never been prosecuted or sued or taken to court.Cleveland Police on behalf of Councillor Dave Fitzpatrick have tried to do this because I told the truth about him from the CCTV footage I have in my possesion.They spent SIX MONTHS trying to find and fit an offence to me posting that truth on my blog when in actual fact no offence has been committed.All I have done is speak the truth and state my opinion.They have done this to try and stifle free speech and the truth from being made widespread knowledge.The funniest thing of all is that they have wasted precious police time and public money representing a councillor over a civil issue and yet all the things that I said have already been aired in a British court of law and therefore are in the public domain already.

They just didnt want you to know.

Look at the headlines in the Gazette and see the missing £12,000,000 there in black and white.To all those who have supported me and our campaign for the truth and justice and fairness and decency to prevail, I say a massive THANKYOU.I urge you to carry on and I urge others too, to join us in our campaign to stop our town from being killed off completely and to have the truth about Coatham and this councils exploits known totally.

To all those who, on behalf of those in the council who are affraid that their grip on power is loosening and to those in the council themselves, who have smeared and threatened and lied and intimidated and bullied and decried and ridiculed me and our group and branded us liars you too take a good look at the front page of the Gazette and know in your hearts THAT YOUR DAYS OF TAKING THE PISS OUT OF THE PEOPLE OF REDCAR AND CLEVELAND ARE OVER!!!!!

The cats well and truly out of the bag.

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