Sunday, July 29, 2007

Its up to you...

I'll tell you what my opinion on the massive deficit is shall I?

I think that you'll find that a large portion of that money has been spent on the Coatham scheme in one way or another, possibly in ways that shouldnt have been. I mean look at all the money that they have spent on it so far. Also look at it this way, they have already taken the absolutely unprecedented step of paying for the richest builder in the countries' legal fees and consultancy fees havent they? That in itself, when this defecit in the budget was obviously there, when this unprecedented decision was made,and the council was struggling financially,is unbelievable. A local authority with a multi million pound defecit paying all the legal fees and half of the consultancy fees of the richest builder in the country? DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO ANYONE???? Youve also got to bear in mind,that if one of our council sources hadnt leaked the confidential yellow cabinet papers that showed this,then no-one would have known.

I think that when Mr Dunning announced to all the world in the press on Friday 20th that the £12,000,000 hole was there, someone told him to be very careful as a lot of that money had been spent on Coatham,possibly in ways that it shouldnt have been and any investigation would show that fact up, so putting the whole lot at risk.

Knowing now, as we all do, how much Mr Dunning wants the Coatham scheme and how he has no intentions at all of following what his group and his MP said in the press and in their election literature, namely to take it back to the drawing board and reduce the number of houses, I think he has thought, "well... we cant afford to risk this housing scheme so we wont say anything more about the defecit,infact we'll say that everything is alright now and not as bad as we made out".

I may be right I may be wrong, but at the end of the day,the facts are there and there has to be some reason why he backtracked so massively in the press just four days after the damning revelation.
Just look at all the lies and the deceit that have been exposed about Coatham.Look at the way it was forced through and the way the decision was made.A decision that Dunning himself called tainted.Look at how even though he knows the planning meeting was defective possibly illegal and the decision tainted,and has said so,he hasnt authorised any investigation into that either? The investigation has had to be initiated by us,the people of Redcar by taking the council to Judicial review.

Look at all these things and when they are all put together,and you can see the bigger picture,then I personally dont think that Im too wide of the mark. What you have to ask yourself now is,is that my opinion or has someone come forward and told me that in response to my plea on our blog the other night?

You all make your own minds up.

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