Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Time To Act...

It is now a time for people in the borough of Redcar and Cleveland to stand up and be counted.Every last person who cares about this area and truth and decency has to try and stop the massive cover up that is taking place within our town hall.Instead of investigating the situation of the £12,000,000 that has gone missing from the councils budget,the council are instead going to do nothing apart from try and sell off our assets in order to try and recoup the money.Instead of bringing the people who are responsible for the disappearance of the money,OUR MONEY in the first place,the council are now entrusting the chief executive with the job of trying to raise another £12,000,000 to plug the defecit!

The one who is ultimately responsible is now being put in charge of trying to sort the situation out! How Moore must be rubbing his hands together and laughing up his sleeve that these weak politicians are letting him off scott free and not even calling him in for a bit of a talking to.

This situation is completely crazy and worthy enough to be included in the Donnygate scandal about ten years ago.Its time for this all to stop.Its time that the tax payers of this borough sent out a massive message to the people running our council in order to make them stop.I will not allow this type of behaviour to flourish and prosper and the guilty to go unchallenged.I will be calling a full public meeting soon.Its time this whitewash stopped and stopped now.I will announce the date and time and venue soon.

Never more has the borough needed as many people from the borough to stand up and be counted.

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