Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just a thought.....

Ive just read the post I made last night and I feel,as Im sure a lot of you do too, so disgusted at the lack of 'bottle' and professionalism, shown by those who have created this whole sordid,shabby mess within our council.

Instead of being big enough and men enough and professional enough to hold their hands up and say "look we've made huge mistakes,theres something drastically wrong here,we're to blame and we will carry the can",what do you get instead?
George Dunning blaming one side and Glynn Nightingale blaming the other whilst the officers who have actually been running this authority under delegated powers for the last four years,and who are ultimately responsible for all of this stinking mess, saying nothing! Unbelievable!!!
No wonder Moore wanted relieving of his daily council duties before he 'retires' in December.No wonder that senior officers Rees,Ellis and Barnes all got out within a short time of each other.Heaven knows why the assistant chief executive Nick Matthews was suspended? But whatever the reason for all of them leaving or being suspended,none of them want to face the music or answer questions about their part in this whole shabby saga.The only saving grace in the Nick Matthews story,is that he was told to clear his desk by the Chief Executive so that can only mean that he has does something that Moore didnt agree with, like tell the truth or act decently perhaps?

What really causes me to feel the contempt for them that I do, is that although they are to blame, although OUR COUNCIL,OUR TOWN,OUR BOROUGH,OURSELVES are suffering because of all of their incompetence and corruption, instead of admitting that they are wrong which we can all see that they are,Glynn Nightingale in yesterday's paper cynically tries to keep us believing that we are a 'four star authority'!!!

How many four star authorities do you know that have a £12,000,000 to £15,000,000 black hole in their budget?

How many four star authorities do you know that have been found guilty of maladministration twice within a year?

How many four star authorities do you know that have a situation where the morale of ordinary council workers is shattered by them having redundancy and pay cuts forced upon them,whilst the senior officers award themselves huge pay rise after huge pay rise to the point now where the Chief executive, according to the latest figures, is taking home between £150, and £160,000 pounds per year.Thats more than the chancellor of the exchequer earns and is just short of the prime minister of this country!

How many four star authorities do you know that spin the myth that ''housing brings leisure'' when, after selling off nearly all of our open green space, hundreds and hundreds of acres, for thousands of houses to be built on, we HAVENT GOT ANY LEISURE FACILITIES IN REDCAR AT ALL,NEVER MIND ONES THAT WILL ATTRACT VISITORS.If houses means leisure then our town should be more like Disneyland Paris,yet sadly this isnt the case.
Infact think of all the houses that have been built in the entire borough and where are all the major leisure attractions that by rights we should have as a result of all those houses being built? When you read the Gazette last night you saw in black and white that they cant even maintain the leisure facilities that we have now, so how were they ever going to maintain the leisure facilities that they said we would get in Coatham? Its now obvious that they were safe there, because they have known for sometime that there was never going to be any leisure facilities there. Just houses.
How many four star authorities get all this money from all these builders building all these houses,yet put nothing back into the pot for the people who live here?

How many four star authorities let thriving high streets like Eston South Bank and Redcar become run down to the point that they are now?

How many four star authorities give out fast food licences out for kebab shops like confetti at a wedding to the point that Redcar has nearly 30 along and around its high street just to fill all the empty shops as a result of them going out of business?

How many four star authorities do you know that oversee a situation whereby approximately 28 independent shops went out of business in Redcar town centre in the space of a year and do nothing to halt the spiral of decline?

How many four star authorities do you know of that has a chief executive awarding himself and other senior officers eight EXTRA paid days holiday a year and all these rises in pay, when he has been found by two employment tribunals to have deliberately not told the truth,changed his evidence over night and found guilty of sharp practise?

How many four star authorities do you know that continue to employ people of this calibre when these things are known,instead of sacking him for bringing the councils name into disrepute?

How many four star authorities do you know where a leader of the opposition call for the chief executive to be investigated for his behaviour twice within months of each other,yet when he becomes the leader of the council, gives the same chief executive a glowing appraisal of his time spent at the helm of the council when he announces his retirement? This is particularly odd when at the time of him giving his glowing statement to the Gazette, not onlyhad councillor Dunning called for Moore to be investigated twice, he by then knew of the massive £12,000,000 black hole in the councils budget that Moore had overseen yet done nothing about! Why did Dunning knowing this not absolutely slam him in the press instead of saying how great he was?

How many four star authorities do you know where certain people within that authority send hate mail to councillors,one who suffers with MND and to members of the public?

How many four star authorities do you know of that sees officers defend councillors from the standards board when they have started untrue smear campaigns against the public,when they have failed to declare their interests over the private road adoption scheme,when they have lied to the public and when they have been caught in council buildings, on council time, cavorting with their secretaries? How many four star authorities do you know that sees councillors defend council officers when they have been found guilty of sharp practise,lying,bullying and intimidation?

The whole lot is just absolutely corrupt.For too long they have all been scratching each others backs in order for the status quo,their status quo,to be kept.One turns a blind eye to the indiscretions of the other.All very nice and convenient.Lets not rock the boat eh?

YOU ARE JOKING AREN'T YA'! Lets have it all investigating right now! Independently from someone outside this most rotten borough.We arent a four star authority.Our council has been dragged down into the shit by the same old names time and time again and its about time it was stopped.If the Labour group really want to build the publics trust back up then let them call for an independent investigation into all aspects of what is going on within the council.If a missing £12 to £15,000,000 isnt incentive enough to call for an investigation then I dont know what is? And lets make sure its independently investigated with no influence from any of the main players in our rotten borough council.I am informed that the 'panel' set up to determine whether we were a four star authority or not actually found that we werent,so they were removed and replaced with one that made sure that we were.

When you see and read the abuses and the corruption and the mismanagement above,then Im sure like me,you can see that what my source told me is more than feasible.

To Glynn Nightingale and all the other two faced charlatans who care only about their own image and position,if the above is your idea of a four star authority then lets begin any investigation by having those carrying out an investigation knocking on your doors first.

These abuses simply cannot be tolerated any longer and the guilty can no longer go unpunished.

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