Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just a thought.......

On the 12th of this month,I put a posting onto this blog stating how both I and councillor Mary Lanigan went for a meeting at Guisborough police station with Inspector Kevin Scott and Inspector Colin Askey.At this meeting Inspector Scott told us that the threatening hate mail that I recieved, posted through my door in March time last year did not constitute a criminal act.If that is the case,then why did the police treat it as such and take it away to be fingerprinted in April last year? If that was the case why has every police officer who we have contacted about this has told us that the investigation is "still on going"?

If it isnt a crime,if a crime hasnt been committed then what is there to be ongoing with? Or does it only now not constitute a criminal act now that the friends who I showed the letter to have given their prints and there are still THREE sets of prints on the letter unaccounted for? This left the police with a dilemma? In April when the police came to my house and took the prints off the people that I had showed the letter to,the seargent who took the prints told us in front of a councillor from Redcar and Cleveland that they knew the letters were coming from someone within the council.They now know,theyve known since last year,that three sets of prints didnt match those given by my friends.If I hadnt contacted them in August some four months after the prints had been taken would the police have said anything at all you wonder? because they hadnt even contacted me to tell me what the results were.

So,the police know that the hate mail that I,Mary Lanigan and ,Mike Findley have recieved has come from someone in the council..they told us so.My letter was dusted and prints were found.My friends prints were taken and eliminated and there were three sets of prints left on the letter unaccounted for.The police dont say anything I have to chase them up.They refuse to do anything so I take them to the Independent police complaints commission.Inspector Scott comes to my house I give him the names of six suspects within the council.Then on December 22nd after taking the letter away to be dusted,after taking prints of my friends to eliminate them,and after telling us that the letter came from someone in the council,suddenly I am told the letter dosent constitute a criminal act? Is that because perhaps one of the three sets of prints left on the letter could possibly match the suspects I gave him in my house in November last year?

It very much seems like it was only a criminal act in the eyes of the police when they had an alternative.That alternative has been taken away because after my friends gave their prints,they have been eliminated from the investigation.Investigation? Investigation? What investigation? The police have told me that the letter didnt constitute a criminal act? So why was there enough of a crime that had been committed to warrant an investigation 9 months ago to eliminate my friends from, but not the council now? There are still three sets of prints left unaccounted for.All the police are left with now,are three sets of fingerprints on a letter that they have already stated has come from someone in the council.Isnt it funny that suddenly,with only the real suspects left, they dont deem it to be a criminal act anymore? As is shown with the Dave Fitzpatrick case,why do the police refuse to investigate prominent figures within this council?

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