Monday, January 22, 2007

Appeal to all council employees

The documents below were given to me by an employee of Redcar and Cleveland borough council.I intend to put the contents of these documents,that the council is in dire financial trouble yet are wasting millions of pounds of public money on non essentials like coca cola,first class travel and food,whilst council employees are being made redundant,we are being starved of leisure facilities and other public amenities because there is a "lack of money available" or so the council tell us,into the public domain.

I urge every last employee of our council who is privvy to other such information,to come forward and produce it to us,in strictest confidence,as soon as you possibly can.The people in charge of our council are in free fall.Our council isnt the four star authority that it is deceiving the public into thinking it is.Maladministration,sharp practise,deliberate lying to tribunals,bullying, intimidation,misrepresenting members of the public and the MP,starting smear campaigns,sending members of the public and council hate mail and now the latest revelations about the sheer waste of public money,OUR MONEY.It cannot be allowed to continue one moment longer.It is time that the real truth about them was brought out into the public arena so that steps can be taken to remove the corrupt,inept and the deceiveing from their positions of power.They are dragging our town and our borough,the place we call home,down into the dirt,and I believe that we deserve so much better than this.

If you have any information that will expose their wrong doing and deceit then please come forward.All identities will be kept in strictest confidence.

Chris Mcglade

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