Sunday, January 28, 2007

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"What happened to the Coatham Enclosure protest I'm just wondering because it seems all smears on the local council, or the local anyone not even on the council. I would have thought it's outgrown the Coatham protest, so maybe Chris's Redcar Protest Group or maybe the Redcar Protest of Chris Organisation..might be more in keeping the modern strategy. Last year the whole thing seemed a lot more related to the Coatham end, but lately they seem to be attacking anything. whether this is the last bite of the dying flea, or just Chris's Redcar Protest Group CRPG coming of age".

The above is just one posting taken from today.I would like to answer this posting as I cannot do so on the site.The person who posted this talks of 'alleged' smears against councillors or anybody.Lets look at smears.I'll tel you what a smear is. A smear is a rumour being started deliberately by two ward councillors that you are a member of the BNP when you aren't, nor ever have been, to deliberately try and blacken you.A smear is an unsubstantiated allegation made by a ward councillor that you have sent her threatening letters and emails and spat at her in the street when you haven't.No proof has ever been produced to substantiate the claims,no report of harrasment was ever reported to the police.Strange? Isnt that what you do when youve been treated so despicably? A smear is an email from a chief executive to the all the members of the council stating that you have abused his secretary on the phone,when the tape recording made of it shows that you didnt.A smear is a letter sent from the chief executive to the MP that you have behaved violently towards a councillor when you haven't.Once again if I had do you think that the police wouldnt have been involved? Add to the mix hate mail sent from someone who the police themselves have told me comes from inside the council,along with a couple of death threats,smashed windows etc.These are smears.This is real harrasment and intimidation.

These things have been done to me because I stood up and spoke out.I spoke out against something that I, and a lot of other people, feel strongly about.I shouldnt have had to endure the things above just because I have stood up and spoke out, but I have.The campaign was started in order to stop the building of 359 houses on our coastline and to have the whole area developed solely for leisure.This is still the main aim.However,in trying ,unsuccessfully I may add,to stifle our protest and discredit those involved in it,this council has stooped to the depths that I have talked about above.

I haven't smeared anyone.A smear isnt presenting facts with the relevant documents to substantiate them.I have presented the facts,FACTS BACKED UP WITH ALL THE RELEVANT DOCUMENTATION TO PROVE THEM,about the way that key figures within this council,people who will have a direct influence in the issue of Coatham, have behaved and are behaving.Key figures that are trying to push through the Coatham development.Colin Moore,Ian Hopley,Steve Kay,Chris Abbott,Dave Fitzpatrick,Vera Moody,we have shown how all of these key players in the Coatham issue have behaved 'less than appropriately',from lying to tribunals and being found guilty of sharp practise,to failing to declare interests in big schemes.From starting smear campaigns to wielding chains in the street.From making unsubstantiated claims about members of the public to denying out of hand things that have later come to pass.Lies,smears,deceit,sharp practise,breaking the councils codes of conduct,secrecy,threats to local businesses,theyre guilty of them all.And we have all the documents and all the witnesses to prove it all.No unfounded allegations.No untrue smear campaigns,no lies,just facts backed up with documents.Ask yourself the question.Are these the type of individuals, that you really want making decisions about Coatham?

The latest revelations about Cllr Fitzpatrick,the revelations that the PCT/council/persimmon had submitted plans for a 5GP surgery to be added to the leisure centre without anyone being consulted and without the council knowing,and the revelations that this council are in the mire financially to the point where the chief executive has issued instructions to stop all non essential spending immediately yet can somehow still find the money to pay half of the consultancy fees and all the (undisclosed amount) legal fees for the richest builder in the country,the revelations that show they are wasting nearly £7,000,000 and borrowing £8,000,000 shows that we can have all the leisure that we want in this town without having 359 houses built on our coastline.These revelations,and the revelations about the behaviour of key players in the Coatham scheme, show that far from being the last bite of a dying flea,our group are still up there fighting this every step of the way and bringing all the relevant information into the public domain to help them make informed decisions about the whole issue of Coatham which is probably why well over two thousand people,an unprecedented amount, have objected to the planning application. And which is probably why the MP has released two letters slating the council and spoken out on local radio against the scheme and the tactics used by the people I have mentioned above.

All this and still the killer blow has yet to be administered.Im just waiting for the right moment.Its not too far away.

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