Saturday, January 27, 2007

You learn something everyday

As you know I am barred from I have often wondered why I am barred when basically all I do is bring to peoples attention the truth about this council.Everything I have ever said on that site is backed up with all the relevant, documented proof. I have never been disrespectful to the administrator,yet he has referred to me as a twat among other things aswel as allowing negative threads about me to remain for people to make more negative comment.He seems to constantly pour scorn on everything that anyone who is against the Coatham development says,and he seemingly always comes down on the side of the council.He has,it appears,got rid of nearly every dissenting voice against the council on his site.

Well surprise surprise! Is it any surprise at all? His mum just happens to be an ex lib/dem councillor so I am told.Yes,Thelma Bennet used to be councillor for Coatham.I must be honest that I have heard that Thelma was her own person and didnt allow herself to be bullied by Cllr Chris Abbott as so many others do,and knowing her from the Coatham forum which I am a member of, I think she is very much her own person for which I respect her for very much.But when you take the facts that Mr Andrew Bennet/Admin pays thanks to Chris Abbott for helping him set the site up on the sites credits and his mum was part of the party that we have exposed for all the lies and deceit and dirty smear tricks that they have pulled over the issue of Coatham,could it be that the Admin isnt as unbiased or politically "not giving a f**k as he makes out? Could it be that the forces of libdem politics are making sure that they have no one speaking out against them in the run up to the elections in may? I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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