Monday, January 29, 2007

An open letter to the Administrator of Redcar.Net

Andy,this is what I want to say to you.It is obvious from your postings on Redcar.Net over the last couple of days that you are annoyed about the fact I posted on this blog that your mum used to be a Libdem councillor.I asked the question are you therefore as unbiased and politically not giving a f**k as you make out bearing this in mind,bearing in mind that councillor Chris Abbott leader of the Libdems helped you in setting the site up and also bearing in mind that I have had to face really bad abuse from you when I have never been disrespectful or abusive to you in return.
I wasnt disrespectful about your mum in the posting and I didnt denegrate her in any way.Infact I praised your mum for being her own person and for standing up to Abbott in her time as ward councillor.I stated that I respected her very much for this.I never,as one site user has suggested,said that everyone who uses Redcar.Net is a "council stooge" either.

Once again I state the facts and ask the questions,once again the insults fly in.Over two days Ive had "looked at your bog err blog","spiteful","sneaky","slimey","abusive","malicious","self serving buffoon","half baked","underhand","massive chip on his shoulder","foolish","my estimation of his character was low now its just plummeted","McMuppet","McMuppets drivel","I feel let down for his attack on an innocent person","how could I stoop so low", and been told to "get help".All that vitriol because I point out that your mum used to be a LibDem councillor and asked a question? What is slimey or abusive about that? Wheres the spite or the underhandedness in pointing out that fact and then asking the valid question of "are you as politically unbiased as you make out?"
Tell you what, if you want to talk about spiteful,malicious,abusive or cruel as one site user stated, lets couple all of the above with being called a twat by you,a tosser,a paranoid self obssessive,a pathetic little man and countless other things that you have flung at me over a two year period. Lets couple them with all the other abuse from other site users who have slagged me off over two years. Can anybody remember one saddo posting a picture of the BNP logo,Nick Griffin,and the Ku Klux Klan and then stated that he had taken these photos at our last march? Where was all the outcry then from all the site users who are outraged now just because I pointed out your mum was Libdem councillor and for my ward too? Where was all the condemnation of those downright despicable postings along with all the insults that followed about our march and our meeting where a criminal barrister among others addressed 430 people.Just who do you and all the other nameless,faceless users who attack me from the the safety of their anonymity, think you/they are?

You slate me for having other user names to blow my own trumpet? I have used other names but never to blow my own trumpet.Ive had to adopt other user names in order to gain access to the site because you took me off the site under my own name.For two years Ive used my own name.I have had other user names since you barred me and my girlfriend off,we use the same computer.Im currently Beefeater although I cannot post,I have been sumpter about 18mths ago but not sumpter2,that was my source from the council.I have been Flatiron.This is my friend in Londons user name but he let me use it when you barred me as he registered some time ago but never uses the site.The posting from my niece was just that.She felt aggrieved that I was taking the slating that I was and decided to try and defend me.When barender told me what she had post I asked him to take it off because my charity work is my affair.My girlfriend has tried to defend me too.But am I allowed no support? Am I not allowed to have my loved ones stand up and fight my corner? Your brother defended you last night and launched into his tirade just because I had pointed out that your mum was once a libdem councillor,arent my loved ones allowed to stick up for me after the vitriol that Ive had levelled at me? Isnt that what loved ones do?

From the moment I started using your site Ive been attacked so personally and so viciously that at times Ive literally had my head in my hands.And why? Because Ive dared to challenge this council over the issue of Coatham and Ive taken it to the lengths that I have because I value the truth and because I have been smeared and lied about by this council so terribly.I have uncovered their lies and made them public.I have showed that some of the main players from the council in the issue of Coatham really cant be trusted.I,along with other members of our group, have shown that we can have all the leisure facilities that we all want because the council are now borrowing at least £8,000,000 to prop the scheme up because theyve attracted no funding, and are currently wasting nearly £7,000,000 on non essentials that could be spent more wisely for the benefit of the many.We have shown over two and a half years, that the councils claims that we have to have 359 houses built on our coastline and one of our last open green areas in order to have the pool and leisure facilities we all want,is absolute nonsense. I and our group have shown all these things and backed everything up with all the documents to prove everything and the powers that be havent liked it one bit.We/I have rocked their boat and exposed them as the fakes they are and they have bitten back...hard and on your site too.You dont think for one minute they dont use it do you?

It has been levelled at me that Im in this because Im on some sort of ego trip.Nobody would put themselves through what I have over the last two and a half years just to feed their ego.Your ego isnt fed or massaged by constantly taking the negativity and vitriol that I have.My ego was always sated by doing my comedy and having audiences laughing but Ive done no comedy for as long as Ive been fighting this campaign.Ive given this my all.I havent gained financially from fighting the campaign.I havent had any material gain from standing up for the people in Coatham who dont want this housing estate to blight our coastline.I,along with our group, have done more to inform the people of Coatham and the town of what is going on with the development than our elected ward councillors have and they get paid! We have done it because we are driven by a passion for our home and for the truth and because we care.These things have created a fantastic community spirit in Coatham.

You stating that Im on an ego trip when Ive had all the shit Ive had on your site,along with death threats and hate mail and attacks on my property is just beyond me.If this whole campaign was just one big ego trip and a big f**k off pose,Id have been out of it the moment I got the call over two years ago that told me that I,my kid and my house would all get burned if ********* lost money.But Im still here because Im not in this to say "look at me aren't I great?" and Im not in it to blow my own trumpet and get my face in the papers.Im in it because I believe in what Im doing and because I care about the future of our town,whether I get threatened,slated,or even worse.

I bumped into the owner of the Cleveland today.He told me you had been in a couple of Saturdays ago.He told me where you lived and this afternoon I was going to come and see you.I was going to come and see you to apologise.Not for telling people that your mum used to be a Libdem councillor.Not because I asked the questions I did.What is there to apologise for in telling the truth and asking a question? No, I was going to apologise to you because the whole local issues section has become a nasty vicious place,its not good,and I feel partly responsible for that.I have used the local issues section to take the facts and truth out to people.To show the public the documents that show those who are responsible for trying to push the Coatham Enclosure scheme through, for what they are.I have used it to post documents,most of them council documents,that show the real truth behind this scheme.I have used it because the press at times have been so terribly biased and failed to report the facts accurately,so how else was I supposed to inform people? I have used it and as a result those who want this scheme to go ahead for whatever reason,and some of them are connected to the council,have reacted with all the goading and insults.

At times I have reacted.At times I havent.At times I have been boring and repetitive in order to answer them.I know that sometimes the whole issue has been overkill and it has pissed site users who dont care either way, off .I am sorry for that, truly I am.I am sorry for putting the campaign that is so important to me and to a lot of other people before everything else to the point where I failed to consider the consequences for you and your site when the council and Colin Moore and his London solicitors were breathing down your neck to reveal IP addresses and identities.It was never my intention to jeopardise you personally.

I just want you and everyone else to understand how I have had to use your site as a means to tell people the truth.Im just sorry that because of this the LI section is a battle zone at times and I dont think thats what you ever intended it to be.There are those who are against the Coatham development and those in favour.I personally think that after all the facts we have shown which prove that we dont have to have the houses to have the leisure,and that even with the houses we still wont have the leisure,that this scheme isnt, nor ever has been about anything other than taking one of our last open spaces,an area that is used by thousands of people and turning it into an exclusive,self contained housing estate.That is my opinion based on the things that I have brought to light and put on your site for the last two years.

Im not a negative person,or a nasty person yet negativity and nastiness have become synonymous with the LI section of the site.I am sorry if telling the people of this area the facts about Coatham has helped lead to this situation.However,I hope that all those who have helped drag that section down with me, by goading,insulting, and provoking me in order to shift the focus from the facts we have put on the site, are as sorry as I am.

Come to the Clevey again Admin...lets have drink and bury the hatchet.


Chris Mcglade.

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