Sunday, January 21, 2007

Colin Moore email

The email above sent from Colin Moore the chief executive and the extracts from the documents that accompanied it are quite staggering.They show a few things.Firstly the email shows the dire financial straits that this council is in.More than that though it shows that once again Colin Moore not the cabinet,is calling the shots.See how his email is to all members (councillors) and in the last paragraph he tells them "in the meantime take this as a direct instruction to cease non essential spending".Who is this unelected,sharp practising,deliberately disingenuous (as described by two tribunals) officer of this council,to give direct instructions to any elected member of this council?

Can we remind him that he takes instruction from them not the other way around.

But just look at the non essential spending our council have been wasting OUR money on so far.£3,600,000 on food,but where is the food being eaten? After all,hasnt the council canteen been closed for all the regular employees? Didnt we all see at the start of 2006 in the Gazette lib/dem councillor and cabinet member Glynn Nightingale tell council employees to go to the chippy because they were closing the canteen because they couldnt afford to run it? So where is THREE AND A HALF MILLION POUNDS WORTH OF FOOD BEING EATEN IN OUR COUNCIL? Or could that be the cost of providing the food for all of Moores corporate hospitality at Gisborough and Rushpool hall?


£1,600,000 YES ONE MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS spent on officers and members travel to wherever they go in this country or abroad.Obviously they are all going first class.

£900,000, NEARLY ONE MILLION POUNDS spent on their mobile phones

This waste is absolutely disgusting.The shower of lying hypocrites who are running and destroying our council have put us into serious financial mess yet they are spending OUR money on the likes of orange,buffets and first class travel.Over SIX MILLION POUNDS WASTED,yet they tell us there is no money to have decent leisure facilities built in OUR town without having 359 Persimmon homes built on OUR coastline? Whats more,they are in serious financial trouble but only last year they committed this council,OUR council to spending what is certainly hundreds of thousands of pounds, but could be easily more than that because the legal fees are an undisclosed amount,on the consultancy and legal fees of the biggest and richest builder in the country?

Its time that the whole borough knew just what the corrupt,lying,maladministrating,inept few who are dragging our council down are doing.Let the truth be known.Tell as many people as you can.In the meantime I am determined to copy them and distribute them to at least 30,000 homes in the borough as we did with the informer last year.

Let the truth be known.

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