Friday, January 12, 2007

Banned from

When my girlfriend first suggested at the end of 2004 that I use to inform people of what was really happening in Coatham I did so for one reason.That reason was that the Evening Gazette seemed incapable of printing anything other than the councils viewpoint,practically every article leant towards them and getting the real facts in the paper i.e that the Mungle Jungle at that time had not long been given a 20 year extension to its lease by the council even though the scheme had been in the pipeline ten years previous,was an impossibility.

From the moment I joined the site I have been abused,had personal insults levelled at me constantly,Ive had topics started about me deliberately to attract negative comments that Admin has allowed to stay on the site,I have been goaded and laughed at.Sometimes,the ones responsible have banded together attacking at once twisting and turning everything I have said.The vitriol I recieved when we released the informer was shocking.Everytime the truth is exposed about this council and its lying,sharp practising chief executive and those truths are backed up with documented proof that should have any decent person reeling that their council is behaving in this way,the same nameless,faceless snipers crawl from their dark hiding places and attack,or ridicule,anything to deflect peoples attention away from the truth which has just been exposed.It follows a pattern.The same people come on gloating how they arent of or from or connected with this council,butif that was thecase why are they so determined to detract from the truths that we expose?

In the two and a half years that this campaign to have a baths built in our town without our fantastic coastline being destroyed by 359 houses,I have gained absolutely nothing.Infact it has taken far more from me than it has given.I have been encouraged many times to concentrate on my life a bit more and the things that I need, but when these lowlives who are running OUR council have behaved as they have,when they have deliberately lied about me and smeared me,when they are lying constantly to the people of this borough then I simply cannot.

I dont give one flying toss what the nameless,faceless cowards,because thats what they are,people who can give it but havent got the courage to take it, including the administrator,say about me.I dont care how many times they try to demean or club together to try and goad and pour scorn upon the things which I expose and BACK UP WITH ALL THE RELEVANT DOCUMENTS. They will not stop the movement of people in this town who are now asking questions and searching for the truth and actually getting up and doing something about it AND THATS WHY 430 PEOPLE ATTENDED OUR LAST PUBLIC MEETING.Oh how the political forces in this town must be crapping it. When was the last time any political party in this town or borough ever attracted that many people to a meeting? Can you see now why they attack me so personally all the time? Its because they are affraid.They are frightened that their selfish grip on power is slipping away and under threat, which is why they attack me and our group so viciously and do all they can to blacken us and try and ridicule everything we say even though we produce their own documents to prove what we are saying.They are desperate people.

The days of this council pulling the wool over the eyes of the public in this borough are finished.The days of the public being conned are over.I will expose as many abuses, big or small, carried out by this councils leadership as I can.I have used to do this and now the administrator has banned me.So what? We were leafletting the whole town to inform people long before I started using R.Net and now I have a blog aswell which I will keep updated constantly.

As for the site not being dominated by the council? I laugh to myself everytime that's said.It was only a few months ago after the Gazettes poll on Coatham went our way,that Cllr and Cabinet member Eric Empson sent an email to Cllr Mike Findley giving a run down of all the posts on on the night of the poll and how one post had mentioned "deleting cookies" and that after that the result of the poll went our way.He failed to mention that at that point the poll was neck and neck anyway.If anyone can tell me how to delete a cookie other than by devouring a custard cream I'd be obliged.I dare say poor old Empson is the same.Councillors use that site constantly.I wonder what pseudonymn Eric Empson used on the night of the Gazette poll as he trawled through every posting.

But more than this how desperate is this council when they have to refer to a site like in order to show how popular or in this case unpopular their scheme for Coatham really is? What a bunch of saddo's.To all the coalition councillors,and senior council officers and persimmon stooges who use the site but try and make out they dont,have a bit of backbone about ya and come out of the shadows to fight fairly.You cant do that though can you because you know how underhanded all of this is and how many questions thered be that you couldnt answer.

Admin/Andrew/Bill Gates whoever you are.You're spineless for letting them get away with it and dragging your site down with them.

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