Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gazette Letters Page 31/ 01/ 07

Below is a letter from the Evening Gazette.Why can people in Middlesbrough see clearly what council officers and councillors elected and employed to serve Redcar cant?

Ill-advised planJan 31 2007

By Evening Gazette

Even visitors to Redcar can well appreciate the urgent need for a swimming pool and sporting facilities.

The shortage of funds at Redcar & Cleveland Council has caused them to consider planning proposals for the site at Coatham which, I believe, would not otherwise have been received with any great enthusiasm.

However, I would maintain that the planning proposals now under consideration for the Coatham site, which involved not only a pool and sporting facilities but substantial plans for housing development, are ill-advised.

The Coatham site and its approaches are part of the heritage of Cleveland and the development of it should probably have been the subject of joint consultations between Redcar & Cleveland, Stockton Council and Middlesbrough Council.

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In particular there ought to have been consultation between, and persuasive advocacy by, MPs in Parliament to obtain appropriate finance on behalf of Redcar & Cleveland Council. I am not aware that this has taken place.

The arc of sands between Redcar and the Tees mouth is a setting of great beauty, which should be preserved at all costs.

The best designers should come up with a comprehensive plan for the swimming pool and sporting facilities and for Redcar and Coatham front. The design need only be simple.

The buildings adjoining the beach - namely Leos, the Regent Cinema and the amusement arcade - would be affected by a comprehensive plan aimed at establishing and maintaining a beautiful coastline.

The cost of all this work will be substantial and generous compensation will have to be paid to those whose businesses or buildings are affected.

I believe, however, that if the money could be found, the cost can be justified.

Redcar has not had a great deal of money expended on its front for over 70 years.


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