Thursday, May 14, 2009

Now why is that?

Why is it that we have been castigated by Vera Baird and the council for asking the question "Is Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council corrupt", when the Serious Fraud Office, Audit Commission and an MP have all asked the same thing?

After being provided with the facts and documents, The Serious Fraud Office stated in writing that what has happened here in Redcar and Cleveland pertains to corruption and should be investigated by the police possibly assisted by the CPS, the Audit Commissions corporate assesor asked if we thought that there was corruption existing over Coatham and Ashok Kumar MP asked me himself in a meeting in his constituency office in Guisborough in 2005 if we thought that the council was corrupt.

If there wasn't a whiff of corruption to be had anywhere surrounding Coatham or this council, why have two Government bodies and a Government representative all asked the same question? I would like to point out that it was at this point in my summation in Parliament last week, that Robert Goodwill MP, who had been well informed about the above, stopped me.

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