Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear Ms Baird...

Below, is a letter that has been sent to Vera Baird from a resident of Marske who was outraged by her comments on the councils blogsite. This letter being sent to her follows the couple of letters that I sent to her last week calling for her to take us to court in order to disprove the things that we have said in both our newsletter and our film which was shown to over 600 people in three nights.

She didn't take out an injunction to stop the film being shown, she tried to threaten and bully the Church Warden. We haven't been issued with any libel writs, just smeared as not telling the truth and lying. The lack of any real action says it all for me.

Here is the letter...

Dear Ms Baird,

I find remarks being quoted in Press Releases on RCBC NEWS and website from you MP Vera Baird QC Solicitor General un- justified un warranted even libellous and I believe that I am owed at least a personal retraction of your harassing comments simply because I have chosen to exercise my democratic right to speak truthfully as I find following lengthy research and I can justify and more importantly provide irrefutable proof of any and all accusations I have made and will continue to make in regard to the tainted botched housing led development in Coatham ,together with my findings regarding Officer actions within Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council. as I believe, is my Human Right. I do not seek the privilege afford to you and others or intend to quote that I have at all times operated within rules as set down by my peers, I am simply clearly.

having read, what I perceive to be your disgusting, hypocritical comments, made by an advocate of Justice, a qualified barrister of high standing within her profession as a previous Junior in the practice of Michael Mansfield's chambers, my elected Parliamentary Representative and no doubt prospective Candidate for the next General Election which a large number of my colleagues, decent law abiding people Vera Baird MP QC Solicitor General, cannot wait to be called to allow us the right to decide not only who will represent us all whatever our views and political persuasion and give if other voters believe is deserved a mandate to Gordon Brown to continue as an elected Prime Minister rather than by default.

As author of such luminary entitled works including -

‘Perverting the Course of Justice’,

‘The Law of Harassment’,

‘Rape in Court’, ‘Battered Women who Kill and the Criminal Law’,

‘The Last Resort, a study of the Criminal Cases Review Commission’ who in your attempt at jocularity during 2005 Queens Speech mocked this town, your constituents, residents and did no favours with the following, now 30 year record holding locally elected Councillor East Cleveland Independent Steve Kay representing:Lockwood Ward

QUOTE-" The Labour backbencher mocked a Redcar-born colleague's former school.You said: "They were somewhat ahead of their time when, in his day, they searched you for guns and knives on the way in, and if you didn't have any, they gave you some.

"I would not say it was a tough school, but they did appoint their own coroner."

At the time Stephen Kay, the Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council then cabinet member for education, in the first ever coalition Cabinet excluding your party representatives, said: "I cannot understand why she has said it. I know that these comments were made in a jocular manner, but I feel on this occasion, the remarks were very ill judged. To do this on a national platform and make fun of the people she represents is not called for, and gives people the complete wrong impression of the town. Might I also add you have also in the not too distant past called for changes with local coroner!

I now await your reply.

Yours sincerely


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