Friday, May 08, 2009

I've just had a thought...

I have just had a thought...Mr Robert Goodwill, out of the blue and against the flow of the meeting on Tuesday, decided to retract his support for our campaign because he said that we included some extra footage in the version of our film that was screened at Parliament, that had not been included in the preview that he had had in his office in Scarborough?

But when he was going to show the film the first time in Parliament 18 months ago, before Vera Baird threatened him and stopped him from showing the film and calling for an independent investigation which he said that he had to do because if he didn't "then he would be neglecting his duty", he had the room booked, the invitations ready to go out and the draft statement calling for the independent investigation was ready to go and guess what?

He hadn't seen any version of the film whatsoever?

He had arranged the screening and the calling for an independent investigation, based purely upon the facts, backed up by the documents, that we had shown him.

It's like I said to him yesterday in an email,

"if I was lying, if the things that our group were saying were untrue, then do you seriously think that I would dare come to Parliament, Vera Bairds manor was the term that I used, and speak those untruths in the Seat of Democracy in our Country about the mighty Solicitor General of this country and the council which lies within her constituency? The answer now is the same as it was then".

Of course I wouldn't

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