Friday, May 08, 2009

The more you look, the more the desperation shows...

Lets have a look at Vera Bairds shambolic Statement (6th May 2009) on the Councils website, and pull it to bits.

"I know that most Redcar people support the Coatham Links development and want it to start as soon as possible. How does she know that? When has any meaningful consultation been done with the people in this town? Her own Labour council totally rubbished the Coatham consultation carried out under the old coalition, in the press and there's been no more done since then. What she means is every sane person in the town wants leisure facilities, including us, but what she isn't saying is that the majority of people dont want the houses, which we dont have to have because the council are borrowing the money to build the pool and replacement leisure centre.

I have had doubts in the past about the number of houses to be built there, versus the amount of leisure facilities. But things like the fantastic new "MyPlace" seafront youth centre have tipped the balance. The "MyPlace" youth centre she refers to is a great achievement by the youth of this town. But what Ms Baird omits to tell people is that it isn't even part of the Coatham Plan, it hasn't got planning permission, it has had no public consultation whatsoever, and it contains a drugs counselling centre that they are trying to play down by not mentioning in their press releases. Most of all, what they are not telling people is that they are desperately trying to include this youth and drugs counselling centre in the Coatham Scheme on the site of the visitor centre, because the visitor centre which was supposed to be the attraction that would make the Coatham Scheme a visitor destination of regional importance, is no longer happening. If you have a look at the list on the website of what the council are saying the scheme will bring, the MyPlace youth centre isn't even listed, because it's not part of the scheme!

Coatham Links should be a great boost to Redcar, bringing more new people here and giving us all a leisure centre, swimming pool and many more facilities of which we can feel proud. Bringing more people here? What does she mean by that? That people living in another 359 houses will turn our towns ecconomy around? If houses regenerated then our town would be booming. It isn't and it hasn't been long before the recession, even though thousands of houses have been built in the town. The pool we can have any time. It isn't dependent on houses being built because the council want to borrow over ten million pounds to build it. As for many more facilities, have a look at the councils list, apart from the pool, there aren't any.

The political parties on Redcar council oppose each other as they should in the interests of democracy, and if anything had been done wrong as this development evolved one political party or another would certainly have said so. There are loads of things wrong with the Coatham Scheme that shocked everybody at the Parliamentary screening, but nothing has been done about them because they have all allowed certain officers to get away with the abuses that they have carried out. But they are all, to a member, committed to Coatham being built as speedily as possible, in the interests of the people of the Borough.

"A very small group of protestors have got attention over the years. Oh not this old chestnut again. Sheelagh Clarke in 2006 said in the Gazette that when you get over 400 people at a public meeting then you cant dismiss it as a few hotheads. Vera herself has already said on TFM that there are many people opposing the scheme and who have concerns. She herself praised us in two specially prepared newsletters which we put out on her behalf. How many faces has she got? Ah but thats right, of course, she said those things and so did they, when the Labour group were in opposition.

They have made serious allegations against the council and recently against me but these are untrue. No they aren't they are all very true and thats why there have been no writs for libel issued and no injunction stopping the film being shown.

They showed the MP for Scarborough, Robert Goodwill, an edited version of their protest film "Coatham - A Common Concern" to persuade him to show it in Parliament and then yesterday, having obtained his consent, showed in Parliament a longer version of the film that he had not seen that contains the nasty allegations nasty allegations? She would say that because they are made against her and the rotten council that shes trying desperately to protect. and which he has totally disowned. He backed out because you had been putting him under pressure right up until the film was shown. Mr Goodwill had been made aware of all the facts, but it became too hot to handle for him when he realised just how bad things are here. Tell you what Vera, come and see the film and watch the PPC for East Cleveland and South Middlesbrough Pual Bristows reaction to having seen the film and after having taken part in the debate. The things that he says and the concerns that he has certainly aren't consistent with a Perspective Parliamentary Candidate and an MP who he says invited him there, that are in the process of retracting their support? So how much pressure did you finally put on Mr Goodwill to pull out? The same amount as you put on a Church Warden in his sixties?

"The long legal campaign waged by these few, Oh no, the marginalising tactic coming into play again! There were three hundred people in the Church last night, two hundred the night before and over a hundred three weeks ago, from across the borough, at a non-public, group meeting where we discussed what we were going to do. How many people do you get at your meetings Vera? Thousands I suppose, I bet a majority attend those meeting don't they?

protesters paid for through legal aid, what a shame that the Solicitor General doesn't advocate the little man on the street using the democratic, legal processes available to him, in order to stand up and speak out against the might of rotten councils. What does she want? A dictatorship? YOU WILL OBEY, FOUR LEGS GOOD TWO LEGS BAD.- has also held up this much needed, Who needs the houses? Persimmon? and much desired community development. "I look forward to sitting by the new pool with you - as soon as we can."

We couldn't agree more Vera, but please tell us all why we haven't had a pool built before now when its construction has never been dependent on the houses being built because the council, you know the one thats been downgraded, IS BORROWING THE MONEY AND PUTTING PEOPLES COUNCIL TAX UP, TO BUILD ONE.

Something that you said in Charles Davis' house in front of five other people, you could never support.

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