Friday, May 08, 2009

A visitor destination of regional importance? Theyre having a laugh aren't they?

Lets have a look at the council list of Goodies for Coatham as appeared on their website yesterday attached to Vera Bairds lightweight, shambolic, misleading, statement.

A new state-of-the-art leisure centre with 6 lane 25m pool, leisure pool, dance floor/performance space, 8 court sports hall, junior gym, 75 station fitness suite No mention that this should have been built long before now and not used as a carrot to dangle, because the council are borrowing the money to build it.

357 new dwellings offering a range of new homes for first-time buyers, families and retirement Now theres a visitor attraction.

New public spaces, lighting and landscaping. WOW, Lighting, Im wet with anticipation! Public spaces? Whats that? A toilet?

Combined public sector and private sector £millions investment. Whats this? This is supposed to be a list of what we are getting in the way of leisure facilities not what they are hoping to get to provide the infrastructure for the scheme. They must be trying to pad the list out or it would look terribly short.

The creation - either directly or indirectly of up to 200 new jobs. This isn't a visitor attraction and the jobs wont be permanent either.

New public house and restaurant Wacky Warehouse, Yippee! What a boon for all of the people living in the houses nearby, but its not a leisure facility and it wont turn Coatham from ordinary to extraordinary either.

LifeStyle Sports Village What on earth is that? Is this the extreme sports centre under a new name? You know the facility that they still can't get any funding for despite extending the lease of the mungle jungle for 125 years. Vera once said to us, when she was our friend, that they could give the owners of the Mungle Jungle a lease for a 1000 years and they still wouldnt be able to attract the funding. They haven't.

Health Village. As has already been revealed on this site, Steven Childs, manager in the PCT who was involved in the extremely dodgy appearance of this 5GP medical village, but who is now working in another dept of the PCT, has already told us that he understands that this is now no longer happening. CROSS IT OFF! And put it in the bin with the others.

Childrens Nursery. Hang on, this should be part of the leisure centre and listed as such. More unnecessary padding! By Paul Daniels, the councils spin doctor and ex-Gazette employee is good at his job isn't he?

But where has the Single Screen Cinema gone and the Bowling Alley and the Extreme Sports Centre and the open air performance area and the parade of shops and the Bingo Hall and the iconic tower and most of all, where has the visitor centre gone?

Thats right, down the pan.

Now lets base ourselves in REALITY. Lets take out the rubbish and spin and show the true list of what the Coatham Enclosure leisure development, the councils flagship, the renaissance for Redcar, the visitor destination of regional importance will really include.

1.A new state-of-the-art leisure centre with 6 lane 25m pool, leisure pool, dance floor/performance space, 8 court sports hall, junior gym, 75 station fitness suite childrens nursery.


A pool and leisure centre that you could find anywhere and most importantly to the powers that be, 357 Persimmon Homes. It's just a coastal housing estate with a baths. That the public are paying for.

What have we been telling you all for five years?

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