Monday, May 11, 2009

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, something to hide? It was never clearer than it was today.

Today in Thornaby, the now ex-assistant chief executive was supposed to be starting his employment tribunal against unfair dismissal. I know, because I was one of his witnesses, that this tribunal would have rocked Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council right down to its very foundations. I was informed last week though that it had been settled out of court.

It would appear, that for legal reasons, I can say no more than this, but I will say this.

That when a council pays the sum of money that those close to this situation are talking about, in order to stop the facts coming out into a public court, then really,


More than this, senior officers within the council, the current Labour cabinet, old coalition cabinet members and a lot of councillors will all be privvy to the facts that the council have desperately covered up by settling this case out of court. More than this, if the Labour cabinet know, then it's safe to say that our Christmas tree scrounging MP Vera Baird will also know and yet rather than tackle the problem, they pay someone off, cover it all up and then say that we are wrongly smearing the hard working officers?

If they have nothing to hide, then why go to such lengths to keep the truth away from the public? Thats because as I said, the truth that was going to be spoken in open tribunal, would have possibly led to sackings, an investigation and the council being brought to its knees.

Lets have the investigation now and lets get rid of the guilty.

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