Sunday, September 30, 2007

Absolutely Pathetic...

Here is a response from Sheelagh Clarke, cabinet member for culture, tourism and leisure, to an email I sent GEORGE DUNNING, asking for an apology on behalf of the council for the Chief Executive double counting over £200,000. One word about the response. Pathetic.
Dear Chris,With reference to your demand for an apology over alleged wrong informationput out by our former Chief Executive - do I get an apology for the liesthat were printed on the Redcar net about what I said at the RedcarBusiness Association meeting?
Regards Sheelagh.

And my reply...

Dear Sheelagh,

Thankyou for your reply, although I dont know why you are answering an email that I sent George Dunning? I cannot believe that you accuse me of lying about your performance at the Redcar Business Association meeting? I have done no such thing. I reported your outburst on Redcar.Net Sheelagh. An outburst that was witnessed by at least three, well respected business people who attended that meeting. I understand how stressful your new found position must be, however I do not think that accusing me of lying about something that is obviously the truth is fair, especially as it can be backed up by people who have had businesses in Redcar for well over 40 years.

What I find more mystifying though is where is the link? I mean, how do you equate me or Rachel reporting about your hysterical behaviour at an RBA meeting, to our 'talented' to quote George, ex-Chief Executive, someone who George called for to be investigated twice whilst in opposition (do you remember that?) double counting over £200,000 and blaming our protest group for half a million pounds worth of public spending in a large article in the Evening Gazette, when it simply isnt the case? How on earth can you possibly equate the double counting of £200,000 worth of public money by our ex-chief executive to Rachel and I telling people on R.Net about your hysterical performance in front of members of the RBA? And by the way, it isn't 'alleged' as you are trying to make out, because as you know this double counting of £200,000 was in the briefing documents for last Tuesdays cabinet meeting of which I have a copy. Presumably by this latest outburst you also think a professional, talented, Chief Executive double counting figures to paint a false picture in the Local press is both acceptible and talented?

What a shame that our town hall seems to be run by arrogant, vain, unprofessional people who simply do not have the manners or the dignity to accept that an apology is owed. I'll tell you what Sheelagh, tell your less than corageous 'leader' to save his apology on behalf of a council,run by a man that he called for twice to be investigated. If he has to get someone else to answer his emails then he has just shown himself up for exactly what he is. But I'll tell you as I'd tell him, I'll make sure that this weak response from you to an email I sent him is well publicised in as big as way as I can.

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