Monday, September 24, 2007

The real undemocratic face of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council...

Below is a posting that started a new Topic on Redcar.Net.This is absolutely shocking! This council are stopping members of the public from gaining access to Redcar.Net, a site where lots of facts and the truth about this councils behaviour has been coming to light. They don't want people seeing the truth about what they are doing. They don't want people to see the true facts about the Coatham scheme. Not only have the council stopped people gaining access to the site from computers in public places like libraries, they have also restricted employees from looking because RCBC computers have also been blocked. THIS IS THE TRUE FACE OF OUR COUNCIL. THEY ARE ACTING LIKE A COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP OR SOME KIND OF BANANA REGIME.This quite simply has to stop and the public have to know the truth NOW!

Here is the posting from Redcar.Net...

"The council considers the web site so "tasteless" that it won't let you access the site from its public library computers. I found this out while staying in Redcar last week, and attempted to log on to catch up on these forums. On previous visits, it hadn't been a problem, so this seems to be a new development. The librarian said it was nothing to do with them, it's the council's IT people who set the access limits. I find this quite shocking - that a council (or maybe its staff, unknown to the elected reps) can try to block public access to local discussion and all the rest of the stuff on these pages. Especially when councillors themselves actually contribute to the debate here! Whatever happened to freedom of expression? Do others feel as outraged as I do? Personally, I feel they must be called to account, and the decision maker should be identified - and, of course, access should be reinstated. But as a non-resident, I can't do much about it other than write to the Gazette, and I'm not sure that they'd be interested. Possibly a written public question at the council might force an answer? And/or a press release from a residents' group? What do you think?"

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