Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lets see if he puts it on his blog?

Here is a copy of a posting that Ive just put onto Chris Abbotts blogsite in answer to his untrue and misleading comments about our campaign.Lets see if he puts it on?

Mr Abbott, nasty campaign by a very small group of protestors? I think youre a bit deluded on a few counts dont you?
If you want to talk about nasty, why dont you have the courage to tell people how both you and cllr Dave Fitzpatrick started an untrue smear campaign that I was a member of the BNP,something that that I took you to the standards board for.
Why dont you tell people of the untrue letter issued by councilor Josie Crawford that made still, a year down the line, UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS, that she had been spat at by protestors and sent threatening emails by protestors?
Perhaps you could explain why, if she had been treat so terribly, did she not refer the matter to the police? After all, when you take into consideration that your colleague in shame Fitzpatrick, was represented for SIX MONTHS by Cleveland Police for nothing more than me putting two posts on my blog about him, something that the CPS threw out, it would be fair to say that if Cllr Crawford had been treat so terribly then she would have gone to the police? She didnt nor ever has.
If you want to talk about nasty, perhaps you can tell people about how our deliberately disingenuous, sharp practising, to quote two tribunals, ex-chief executive, telling the MP in a letter that I had used violence against Vera Moody which is completely untrue and which once again is completely unsubstantiated and which has once again failed to be brought to the attention of the police? You may want to tell people how your 'plant' at the Coatham planning meeting libdem candidate for the Zetland ward John Hannon,made sure he sat right next to me and threatened me with violence, something that was heard by tens of people sat around us at the planning meeting.
As for small protest? Try telling people about scores of meetings with between two hundred and four hundred and thirty people in attendance.Four marches with 200 to 300 people in attendance.You might want to mention a 10,000 signature petition against the housing scheme in Coatham or perhaps over 2000 objections against it. I think its important to tell people that in the General Election I came fourth with 2379 votes AS AN INDEPENDENT and that in the local elections where I stood against you in the ward youve held tight for 20 years, you had your majority slashed from over a thousand to just 379.
You may even want to tell people why there is no 106 agreement between this council and Persimmon homes which ties Persimmon to providing any leisure at all. You may even want to tell people that the council have always intended to borrow millions of pounds and raise their council tax, to provide a pool in Coatham and that having 359 houses blighting our coastline has nothing to do with providing money to build a pool, despite the spin that you have spun for over 3 years that the only way to have a pool is for Persimmon to build the houses.
Listen Chris, I know youre bitter about the facts being brought to the public of the Borough about this issue, but for heavens sake man, take a day off being a politician and try telling people the truth for a change.
Chris Mcglade.

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