Sunday, September 23, 2007

We demand an apology from the council NOW!

How remarkable is it that our ex Chief Executive Colin Moore, double counted costs of over £200,000 spending on Village Green Insurance and fencing work, to make it look like the actual cost of these things was nearer half a million pounds, in order to try and turn public opinion against our campaign, on the basis that such a large sum of rate payers money was being spent needlessly because of our campaign.

These falsely maunfactured figures were presented to the cabinet earlier this year and as usual, the cabinet simply accepted what officers told them. Our campaign received bad press due to these false figures being presented to the public by an all too willing council.

For me, the maufacturing of figures by Colin Moores department, lead by this man who is supposed to be so professional that he does not make such massive 'mistakes' but has, explains why he will not be present at Tuesday's Cabinet meeting where these facts about over £200,000 being double counted, are on the agenda to be discussed. Looking at the above facts, how absolutely ridiculous was it of George Dunning to sing Colin Moores praises in his press release in June this year, where he thanked Colin Moore for all the good things he had done in his time here and in another of his farcical releases where he referred to Moore as talented.Is double counting over £200,000 to make it look like nearer half a million pounds, really a good thing for the council or a shining example of a 'talented' Chief Executive officer? Is this type of behaviour symptomatic of a four star authority'?

I hope that the council are as quick to issue an apology on Tuesday to our group, as they were to falsely accuse, and ensure that the news release and apology appear as prominently in the local press and on their website as the false accusations did.

By the way, I have been informed by a BIG person that a little rat has left the sinking ship three months before he was due to. Apparantly, because of more and more details of his behaviour coming to light. He must be "All shook up!"

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