Friday, September 28, 2007

I want to know why?

I want to know why, even though the council and their ex-Chief Executive were responsible for deliberately 'doubling up' the figures for the cost of Village green insurance and the erection of the fences around Coatham and then presenting those FALSE FIGURES to the public to make it look like The Friends Of Coatham Common were responsible for a sum that they in actual fact weren't, why the Leader of the council, Mr George Dunning still has not apologized on behalf of the council and printed the real truth about this.

I also want to know why two and a half weeks after they issued their press release and a week after work has begun, why nothing has been said in the press about the council testing for and monitoring the site for gas?

Or could the failure for this to make the papers have something to do with the fact that I contacted the Gazette straight away and gave a statement that the council would prefer to keep quiet? Namely that any testing and monitoring for gas should have been done years ago.
Not FIVE MONTHS AFTER the Coatham planning meeting!

It would make you scream with laughter if it wasn't so serious.In the press release cabinet member Mark Hannon reassures the public that everything is going to be safe when they start testing, yet the majority of the public are totally unaware of anything because it hasn't been in the papers, yet and work has been going on a week with UXO men on site to boot!

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