Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Colin Moore has left the building...

On Monday 17th of September, we have it on good authority that Colin Moore was told to clear his desk and was walked off site, with his secretary apparently sobbing as he left saying “how could they do this to you?” Shortly after that, Moore put in a sick note for three months, taking him up to December. If you look at the bottom of my postings from the Friday of that week (the 21st), we had started to ask the question “has Elvis left the building?”
We have been waiting until the story of his departure ‘broke’, which indeed it has today on Redcar.Net with someone stating that they had heard Moore had put in a three month sick note, before we said anything.

I’ll tell you right here and now shall I? This council are all over the place. The in-house fighting and trouble is threatening all of those who have been desperately been trying to keep the truth from getting out.

The house of cards is about to fall.

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