Monday, September 24, 2007

Why have the council employed this woman?

Please look at the link to the South Shields local paper. Think about George Dunnings glowing recomendation of our soon to be new Chief Executive and then read this. How on earth was this woman employed as our Chief executive let alone be described as having an excellent track record by the leader of our council, when it has already been revealed that she was investigated because she party to a cover up in South Tyneside regarding contaminants in a certain part of the area, when an audit report damned the department that she was in charge of, when she has no real experience to be even regarded as a chief executive and when now, as we can see, has deliberately witheld the truth about coming here, from the council that she is currently still with?

I understand that senior council officer from RCBC Simon Dale, was none to chuffed about her appointment.From all accounts he thought he was going to be appointed as El Supremo.

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