Thursday, August 23, 2007

No 106 agreement whatever next? Part two

Yesterday morning,as soon as John Simms posted the FOI information regarding the issue of there being no 106 agreement existing between the council and Persimmon homes,I contacted someone who is an authority in this area. He came back to me late yesterday afternoon and the information that he supplied me with is staggering. In the council setting aside the 106 agreement/guideline and in them entering into a private agreement with the developer,they have left themselves open to a massive legal challenge.Any developer who deals with our council from now on, could now demand that 106 agreements/guidelines are set aside for them too so that they can enter into private agreements with the council as Persimmon have. I have been told that the council have broken the competition legislation which they are obliged to work with.This, and the setting aside of the 106 agreement/guideline I have just been told, is absolutely unheard of.Extraordinary was the exact word that was used to describe this. I have been told that this setting aside of the 106 agreement/guideline, could have only been authorised by someone at the very top and that they should be investigated immediately.

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