Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Crown prosecution service make their decision.

In June I reported that I had been called into the police station to make a statement about the facts that I had put onto this blogsite regarding Cllr Dave Fitzpatrick and his chain swinging antics outside his pub some time ago.

The disgraceful thing about all of this, is that the police spent six months trying to fit an offence to me posting the facts on this blog, when no offence or crime,be it civil or criminal, had been committed! The other disgraceful thing about it is that they used massive amounts of public money and police time and resources in basically representing a councillor over a CIVIL MATTER. When you take into consideration that the police, despite Mr Fitzpatrick being caught on CCTV footage behaving this way, brought no charges against him and somehow 'lost' the complaint that had been made against Mr Fitzpatrick, you have to ask yourself why did they not take any action or press any charges or follow up the complaint that was made?

You have to ask yourselves why, when the police informed me and five other people in my house, that they knew hate mail that I had received had come from someone within the council, did they DO NOTHING AT ALL, infact they even found excuses to not investigate, lack of police resources, time, money etc. Why is it that members of the public are getting no investigation into real offences, but a councillor is getting the police spending six months of police time, resources and public money acting on his behalf over a civil issue?

On Friday I learned from my solicitor that the CPS are taking no action over this matter.Now that the CPS have returned the decision that there is no case to answer and that no charges are to be brought, serious questions have to be answered about this blatant bias and misuse of police resources,time and public money in representing a councillor in this way.

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