Thursday, April 12, 2007

Local Elections 2007

It has been nearly three years since I started the campaign to keep the Coatham enclosure free of houses and to have it kept solely for leisure purposes.In these last three years the movement of people supporting this campaign has grown to massive proportions,not only as people have been made aware of the abuses and the lies and the secrecy and the wasting of public money that the council,mostly the officers, have been guilty of under delegated powers,but as they have seen the officers and existing coalition councillors cover each others backs everytime one of them breaks the rules.

Look at this site.Read the things that are true and factual,backed up with all the documents,most of them from the council, which prove all the things that we have said.See how the officers are out of control making decisions under delegated powers given to them by the coalition cabinet like awarding themselves an extra 8 days holiday which to the chief exec is worth well over three grand,being awarded huge pay increases by the cabinet whilst ordinary council workers are handed redundancy and pay cuts,deliberately not telling the truth to tribunals,bullying,intimidating,concealing information,wasting public money,it just goes on and on.The coalition have handed the running of this council over to the officers,they refuse to act when the officers overstep the mark and the officers have been doing the same for the coalition cabinet members who do the same.

I have seen all these things as this campaign has gone on year after year and I cannot stand it anymore.I cannot stand and watch my home town,the town I was born and bred in,the town I have lived in all my life,be ruined by these people who see their position in the council as a way to keep themselves on a cushy little number.Our town has been relegated to one of pound shops,charity shops,kebab shops and shops that are closed down.They tell us that building more houses is the key to regeneration and having all the leisure facilities that we want.But this town has seen a massive building programme take place and our high street is dead.And if houses brings leisure then with all the houses that have been built why are we still without any real leisure facilities?

You only have to think back and remember what we were before to know that their claims are rubbish.As a child I remember this town being nowhere near the size it is now yet there was allsorts to do and our town centre and shops were booming.We were individual.We had character.WE WERE REDCAR.A proud sea side town that everyone was proud of.

I have been threatened by this council,received hate mail from someone in this council,been intimidated by this council,been smeared by this council,and been lied about by this council and why? Because I 'dared' to stand up and tell the truth! Even at the planning committee meeting last Tuesday,in front of other people, John hannon LibDem candidate for Zetland threatened me with violence and I am not going to tolerate it any longer.

So I, and my better half Rachel,are standing as Independents in the Newcommen ward.I was born on Troutbeck Road there.All my childhood was spent there,I went to school there,I know the people.The same with Rach who grew up on Easson Rd.Its about time we had a change.Its about time that somebody from the area,born and bred took over.Its about time that people had a real voice.Its about time that people were heard.Rach and I will work as hard as we can if elected to give you those things.More than this we will give you 100% truth all of the time.

Vote for us on May 3rd and lets all make a difference together and lets all try to make our town great again.

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