Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Who's having a laugh on April Fool's Day

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Just have a look at this.This document shows that on the 23rd of November last year,senior officers of this council,using the delegated powers that the coalition allows them to,awarding themselves an extra eight days a year PAID holiday.In the case of Mr Moore the chief executive,who is on approximately £150,000 per year,this means he's getting,approximately THREE THOUSAND POUNDS to have an extra week off.Delegated powers for the officers are not supposed to go this far.They are supposed to be for run of the mill things.Any use of delegated powers should be brought to the attention of the council at the earliest possible opportunity after they have been used.However,what is the case here?

This delegated decision was made on the 23rd of November 2006.When was it brought to the attention of the councils cabinet? Yesterday! Over four months after the delegated decision had been made,on the day of the biggest planning issue that this borough has ever seen,at a time when the council is in PURDAH so cannot do anything about it,and cannot take the holidays back because the eight days holiday had to be used up by the 1st of April TWO DAYS BEFORE THEY TOLD THE CABINET!!!

The whole lot is a disgrace.This coalition have and are allowing these overpaid parasites to do as they please.How many other everyday council employees would be allowed to get away with this? Read this document and get angry.Get very angry.Tell your family and friends.Tell the normal council workforce.Tell them about this blog.Get angry and then at election time keep this abuse in your mind and get even and kick the whole stinking lot out.

April 1st was Aprils Fools day.How these officers are making fools of us all.Why are the coalition allowing it.

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