Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How very, very interesting...

Have a look at this link to the BBC...

My word, Vera Bairds aide is stepping down over the issue of the Attorney General breaking the law in employing an illegal immigrant and being allowed to remain in her position. It begs you to ask the question if Vera will show the same amount of decency and do the same?

That having been said after trying to claim for Christmas decorations and trees and 49p scourers as essentials for her job as Solicitor General along with new kitchens and a whole host of other luxuries and after her less than decent or credible, two faced behaviour over the issue of the Coatham Enclosure where she described it in one breath as being a disaster and as not being able to deliver any of the leisure facilities that it was promising, least of all a £14,000,000 Visitor Centre that was going to make the scheme a visitor destination of regional importance and then in the next breath ( after Labour had regained control of the council ) she described it as exciting and all of the other things that she had dismissed it for not being, it is clear that this woman is not decent or honest at all.

I hope for the sake of this borough, this woman is sacked along with her buddy, the Attorney General and that as a result, the spotlight is shone on her atrocious record for acting decently. Ultimately I hope that the spotlight is focussed on her successful attempt to threaten and stop Robert Goodwill MP from supporting our campaign and the film he actually showed in Parliament after he had already intervened in her constituency, and after he was prepared to call for an independent investigation into the issue of Coatham and the Local Authority in her constituency that she has tried, no matter what they have done, so hard to protect.

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