Friday, August 14, 2009

Now look at who they're funding...

Last week I posted on this site that it had come to light that Persimmon Homes had been funding the Conservative Party. This probably goes a long way to explaining the sudden retraction of support for our campaign from Conservative MP Robert Goodwill? But today I received an email that showed that Persimmon have also been funding the Countryside Alliance?

Now there's a contradiction for you.

The Countryside Alliance are supposed to be vehemently against the loss of green belt land to housing. So why are they taking money from a company who are actively involved in that process on a massive scale? This probably now explains why the Countryside Alliance, whilst making sympathetic noises to me in 2005, did absolutely nothing to assist us in our campaign to keep greenbelt coastal land in Coatham free from Persimmon homes.

So we have Persimmon funding the Conservative Party and the Countryside Alliance and also with a founder who is part of the Establishment of this Country.

No wonder Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council have displayed such an arrogance and a contempt for massive public opinion against this scheme when their preferred developer is in bed with so many powerful and influential people.

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