Friday, August 28, 2009

Someone's acted already!!!

Yesterday, I received an email from a lady who had contacted John Denham MP regarding the shameful issue of ex CEO Colin Moore being allowed to leave Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, by the Labour led council, on the grounds of ill health with a £369,000 two year enhanced pay deal for him only to turn up working for Cumbria council a short time later. This was the response that she received...

"Thank you for your email, if you are contacting Mr Denham as Secretary of State please contact the department direct as this is the constituency email address. 0207 944 4400 or Alternatively you may wish to ask your MP to forward your concerns to the minister".

Can I suggest that as many of you as possible contact this department and tell them about this shameful situation. What I find amusing is the fact that the reply offers the alternative of contacting your own MP in order for them to pass "your concerns onto the minister". It makes you wonder why Vera Baird MP has never even mentioned it in two years doesn't it let alone raised concerns with the minister?

Still, when she claimed for a 49p scourer when she is earning approximately £125,000 pa, you really can't expect her to behave properly or display any sort of moral fibre whatsoever can you?

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