Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey Mr Dunning, Mr Moore...I wonder what the Government minister would say if he knew what had happened here?

Please look at this link...

The Government now looks likely to investigate Council chiefs who leave one council with a massive pay award, to turn up working for another council shortly after. This is uncanny when we remember that good old Mr George Dunning leader of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, let ex-CEO Colin Moore leave the council, before his time, on a chronic illness ticket and a payoff that cost the tax payer £369,000 only for Mr Moore to turn up working for Cumbria Council shortly after in another senior position?

Mr Moore was listed as being in only a 'temporary position' at Cumbria Council. but it lasted for about 15 months.

Perhaps now, in light of the fact that George Dunning called for Moores investigation twice whilst in opposition because of his despicable behaviour that featured in tribunal after tribunal, questions will be asked as to why not a question was asked of Mr Moore and why he was allowed to leave and burden the tax payer of this borough with such a huge sum, when he started working for another authority practically straight away.

There's an old saying that goes "What goes around comes around" and I'm sure that the Government minister mentioned in the link above will hear about Mr Dunnings and Mr Moores 'little indiscretion' no matter how much the Christmas tree decoration and 49p scourer scrounging MP Vera Baird, tries to put a good word in for them.

Check out the contact deatils in the posting below for the Government minister, John Denham, who condemning senior officers such as Moore, aided and abetted by Local Authorities, in the BBC link. Perhaps some of you would like to write to him or phone him and inform him of what has happened here?

I thought the disclaimer at the bottom of his contact details was particularly interesting? See how he says that he cannot intervene in another MP's constituency? It just doesn't happen and so if it does it would be absolutely massive news.

But it did here in Redcar and Cleveland and the local press barely touched upon it at all?

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