Monday, August 17, 2009

Absolutely Incredible!!! More than that though, absolutely desperate!

I sent the email below to GONE today, as a result of getting an absolutely incredible response from them this morning, regarding my objection to persimmons' application to get Majuba Road stopped up. They told me that even though I had specifically requested under the data protection act that they did not pass on my personal details to any third party, they had still passed my letter onto persimmon so that a Mr Sean Taylor from persimmon, could contact me directly?

They then went onto say that they would be grateful if I could forward any correspondence between the applicant ( persimmon ) and myself to them and should matters be concluded satisfactorily, forward confirmation of my "no objection" at my earliest convenience.

When I called them and asked them what they meant by my "no objection" because I had sent a letter of objection? I was told that they had forwarded my full letter of objection to persimmon so that they could contact me and so that I could negotiate with Mr Sean Taylor of persimmon homes in order to resolve any issues that there were between us. Basically, what they were telling me was that people who had objected were having their letters of objection forwarded onto persimmon in order for persimmon to contact those people to try to get them to change their mind about objecting and registering a no objection instead!!!

I have spoken to a few people this afternoon who have told me that they have never, ever come across anything like this before and were absolutely amazed that GONE should be acting on behalf of persimmon homes in this way in order to try and remove objection from Majuba road being stopped up. Persimmon homes plc are not part of the decision making process, so why is the Government Office of the North East, trying to make them so?

Dear Mrs Grimwood,

Further to our telephone conversation today, I am writing to tell you that subject to my solicitor returning from holiday, I will be seeking legal advice with a view to taking legal action against GONE for releasing my personal details to a Mr Sean Taylor from persimmon homes plc.

As far as I am aware, under the data protection act GONE have a right to release basic details of the objections contained within letters of objection that they received to third parties, but they have absolutely no right whatsoever, to divulge who exactly said and objected to this and who exactly said and objected to that, let alone provide the third party with their personal details.

My objection was to the Secretary of state. It is the Secretary of state who will make the decision as to whether or not Majuba Road is closed, not persimmon homes plc. Persimmon homes are not part of the decision making process or at least, they certainly shouldn't be and so I do not wish to enter into any dialogue with persimmon homes plc whatsoever.
Your comment during our telephone conversation, namely that you forwarded my letter onto Mr Taylor so that I could possibly negotiate with him in order to resolve any differences that there may be in order to turn my objection against the closure of Majuba Road into what you describe in your letter as a "non objection", is as disgusting as it is ridiculous.

I find it absolutely disgraceful that you even think for one minute that I, or anyone else who has objected to the closure of this road, can be somehow sweet talked or cajoled or persuaded by Mr Taylor of persimmon homes, into withdrawing their objections and thus registering a non objection instead. What is he going to say to those objecting to get them to withdraw their objections? What tactics will he employ?

An objection is an objection and as you told me today you have had hundreds. When you get so much objection to something, do you normally advocate the applicant contacting the objectors directly to try and get them to drop their objections?
I find it absolutely incredible that you think that people would drop them given the strength of feeling against this development and given that the whole issue of Coatham is now being taken all the way to the House of Lords/Supreme Court by members of the Redcar public.

The sheer contempt that is being shown for the public by GONE, persimmon homes and Redcar and Cleveland Borough council is absolutely disgraceful but there again, it has been displayed before in 2007. On that occasion Redcar and Cleveland Borough council not only signed the Coatham development agreement two days before the local elections but two weeks before GONE had supposedly made the decision as to whether or not the scheme should be called in?

This action alone has already been described by a High Court Judge as "highly irregular". Add this to the fact that GONE gave the council £1,000,000 in order to try and progress the scheme is it any wonder that a 9600 signature petition against the scheme was compeletely ignored by GONE along with over 2000 letters of objection to the planning application. Not only that from all of these instances quoted, it is abundantly clear that there is a biased relationship existing between GONE, Redcar and Ceveland borough council and persimmon homes plc.

Is GONE supposed to completely ignore such large volumes of public objection? In view of your most recent attempts to thwart the democratic processes, I am surprised that you didn't try to get persimmon homes plc to contact all 2000 people who objected to their planning application to try and talk them round to your way of thinking too.

Be under no illusions Mrs Grimwood, I will not tolerate the apparant hijacking of the system by persimmon homes plc aided and abetted by GONE and I will not tolerate my personal details being passed onto a company that I have been in direct opposition to, as well GONE knows, for over five years now.

You will be contacted by my solicitor in due course.


Chris Mcglade.

Looking at this posting and the letter that GONE sent me this morning I have just realised something and it is so obvious! GONE'S bias towards persimmon and their plans for Coatham is so obvious!

When they said to me in their letter that "and should matters be concluded satisfactorily could you forward your confirmation of "no objection" at your earliest convenience", they clearly think that the public withdrawing their objections to the closure of Majuba Road is satisfactory, but who for? PERSIMMON HOMES PLC!

Why on earth would the Government Office Of the North East deem the withdrawal of objections to the closure of Majuba Road as being satisfactory if they weren't in bed with persimmon and this council 1000%?

This, coupled with the things that I outlined in my letter to them, is proof that GONE have never had any intention of doing anything other than backing this scheme, no matter how much opposition there is to it, no matter how disastrous it is, no matter how many dark clouds are hanging over it, from the very beginning.

Bearing in mind that it should have been called in because of the amount of public objection to it alone, never mind anything else, I think that it's time to get this whole planning process re-looked at because it doesn't matter what the appeal court ruled last year, the bias and pre-determination is there for all to see.

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