Saturday, August 08, 2009

The stench just got a little bit stronger...

Hey, look at this article that I have just stumbled across from a Hampshire paper.

Could this possibly be the reason why Conservative MP Robert Goodwill backtracked so quickly? Showing our film in Parliament one minute and about to call for an independent investigation because he knew that something was most definitely wrong with the Coatham Scheme, and then retracting his support the very next day and joining forces with the council against us in order to condemn us and the film that he had just shown.

When Persimmon Homes are making cash donations to the Tory Party as the article shows and when I looked further have been for some time, is Mr Goodwills sudden U turn really such a mystery at all?

More than that, is it any wonder that this botched and tainted scheme got passed at the planning stage when a LibDem/ CONSERVATIVE coalition was in power when there was so much objection to it and is it any wonder that the development agreement was signed two days before the local election that saw the conservatives get ousted from power, took place?

It is now obvious that even though the senior officers who signed that development agreement knew that it was a Labour scheme originally, the Labour group had been making unfavourable noises in public against the scheme in order to turn public unrest about the scheme and objection to it into votes for them in the local elections and so the officers were just making sure that Coatham wasn't going to be scuppered if the Labour Group got back into power.

Could it be that Mr Goodwill, in 'picking up the gauntlet' on our behalf was only paying his constituent, whos also had a business in Redcar for twenty years, lip service in order to score a few political points on a local level in order to dent the chances of Ashok Kumar ( who has a large part of his constituency run by Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council ) more than anything else, at the next General election? This would explain why he was keen to involve the Conservative PPC who will be contesting Ashok Kumars seat, in the film being shown at Parliament.

This would also possibly explain why, when he knew how wrong things were with the Coatham scheme, he didn't invite the national press to the screening of the film in Parliament or involve them in him making the massive step of intervening in another MP's constituency. He didn't want it to go National. He wanted to keep it local so that it could be contained, whilst still appearing to be doing something.

I really wonder, after reading the comments below in the article

"I am not saying that there is anything so simple or corrupt as a deal cash for planning permissions in any of these cases. I am merely stating that it is hardly likely that the leading movers and shakers in Britain’s greenfield housing industry would all donate to the Conservative party if they thought that it would block their proposals. As Mr. Davidson of Persimmon has been quoted as saying in The Daily Telegraph, the Conservative party represents “the best prospect for our industry and our company”.

What was in the letter that Robert Goodwill started to read out from Vera Baird on the day of the screening in Parliament, where she was putting pressure on him to not show it?

Could she have been reminding him that he was acting directly against the company who has been donating thousands of pounds to his party? Perhaps this is why he stopped reading the email that he started to read out and why he refuses to release it without Vera Bairds permission, even though he started reading it to twenty five people without her permission at that screening?

The big questions now are why, when the Labour MP called the scheme botched, sinister and a disaster and the Labour leader of the council called the planning process tainted, did the Labour group and MP back the scheme that the Tories, who were being funded by Persimmon, push through with the help of the LibDems? And why when anyone with any common sense and intelligence can see that there are glaring inconsistencies with the things that they are all saying, that there are massive questions to be answered about this scheme and when everyone knows how wrong it all is, has no-one had the balls to stop it?

It stinks to high heaven and goes much, much further than Coatham or Redcar and Cleveland.

This is politics at a high level, in all of its dirty, seedy, two faced, underhanded 'glory'.

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