Friday, April 24, 2009

And so it begins...

I've just listened to BBC Radio Tees. The story of us going to the House of Commons to show our film on May 5th has broken. The reporter said that MP for Scarborough and Whitby was helping people in Redcar and Cleveland over the issue of the Coatham development because they "had been let down by their own MP Vera Baird".

How right he is.

I would say to everyone within Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, who is tired of having our council and our area dragged down into the dirt by the actions of a handful of individuals within the council, who are privvy to the way that these people have been behaving, to come forward and to speak out now and lets seize this opportunity to cut the rotten core out of our council. Join with us in calling for the independent investigation into our council and into why our MP's, especially Vera Baird, have done absolutely nothing to stop what has been and is, going on.

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