Monday, April 13, 2009

Roll up, Roll up, and listen to the truth that they want you to hear!!!

Well it is, over a week after I submitted a comment in response to Councillor Abbotts attacks on the Labour group on his blog site for being responsible for the council being downgraded to a two star authority, and still he refuses to post it?

It is absolutely amazing that this man castigated the Labour group by accusing them of this and that and tried to play silly political games in order to score silly political points, yet he hasn't got the courage to admit to the public of this area that it was his Lib/Dem led coalition and their behaviour and the behaviour of the officers under their control, who were responsible for our council being downgraded to a two star authority by the Audit Commission, not the Labour group.

How can I be so sure?

Because it was members of our group who had a two and a half hour meeting with the corporate assesor who was doing an assesment of the council last May time and it was us who then presented the District Auditor herself, Mrs Lynne Snowball, with a dossier that ran into many hundreds of pages, that saw the council being downgraded soon after. A dossier that contained all of the documented facts about the illegal way that this council had been behaving under the old Lib/Dem led coalition, including the supression of an audit report by the now ex-chief executive and finance officer among others, who the old coalition for some reason took no action against?

A dossier that contained letters from the Serious Fraud Office that stated that our councils actions "pertained to corruption" and that they "should be investigated by the police possibly assisted by the CPS". It was us who then had a five and a half hour meeting with the District Auditor and two of her colleagues at the Audit commissions offices in Wynyard last June, to go through all of the paper work. Shortly after that meeting the council were downgraded. We were even mentioned in the Audit commissions report which downgraded the council!

This is the real truth. Mr Abbotts and even Councillor Valerie Haltons 'version' of it in the press and on their blogs, lacks so much credibility that it is quite simply a joke.

My mum always said "Tell the truth son and shame the devil". The truth has been told and the Audit Commission listened, they had no choice because individuals within the Audit commission, had colluded with those senior officers who surpressed that Audit report, to then replace it with another 'final version' that miraculously showed that the council were a four start authority?

The truth has been told and those in authority have been forced to act and yet still, elements of this council are trying to twist that truth to suit their own selfish purposes and hide the fact that they were responsible.

Shame on them all!

P.S, to the source from within the council who provided us with details of the corporate assesment last year and most importantly the name of the Corporate Assesor, which led to the events that followed, THANKYOU for helping the causes of truth and democracy in Redcar and Cleveland and long may your help continue.

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